Hiking information

My favorite outdoor activity is hiking. Solo, in a group, day hiking, backpacking, easy, hard. It doesn’t matter. I love pretty much everything about it. I enjoy getting outside and walking for a long time, over peaks or through the forested wilderness, or whatever. I also enjoy the planning - looking at maps for routes to places I’ve never been before, or finding new loops over places I know well.

I tend to be very goal-oriented in my hiking. I need to make lists of things to do, and then work on knocking things off that list. I started with the NH 4k list, did the same thing in winter, and then branched out into the New England 4ks. I’ve also picked up an interest in state & county high points, redlining (where you try to hike all the trails in an area), and the ultra-prominent peaks. Without these sorts of goals, I tend to not hike as much. I guess I just feel like I don’t have anything I really need to do.

Thus, this page is keeping track of a couple different things. First, it’s keeping track of my progress on a whole lot of hiking lists. Some of these are serious things and some of them I just think are funny. At least one of these lists it appears I have become the primary source for. Second, it’s keeping track of maps of my progress on high pointing. And third, it’s keeping track of my big hiking goals.

Here is my hiking log.

List progress

My peakbagger.com account has a lot of good information about things I’ve hiked and my progress on more lists than you could ever imagine. I still maintain pages here for a couple lists where I am separately tracking winter progress, or where I am now the authoritative source.

Completion maps

Hiking wish list