New Hampshire Least Prominent Peaks

Most lists track peaks that are the most something - over some elevation threshold, tallest in some political region, most prominent, whatever. Those lists are great and are where I do most of my hiking. I guess you could say this list tracks the most something too - the most insignificant places in the state of New Hampshire. Almost by definition, this is a list of the most obscure places in the state. Some of them are on extremely popular hikes but people may not know the names. Some of them are close to trails, and some of them are very far from any.

In the years since I grabbed this list off the web, I seem to have become the official source for it. The original source is gone, and I am the top hit. Thus, I guess I’ll just take over maintainence of it. Please let me know if you know of any peaks that should be added or removed from this list, if you know of better data for getting to any of these peaks, or if I’ve gotten any of the map links incorrect. Just hit the contact link above and mail me.

Also if you know of anyone who has completed it (or if you have), please let me know and I’ll add them to this page. I don’t have any patches or certificates or anything, but I might be willing to make something up for anyone who completes this challenge. There’s no way I’m ever going to finish this.

The rules

The list

Since most of these peaks are pretty obscure, I’ve provided notes on where the peak is and how to get to it. I am less concerned about giving away how to get to all these since there’s so many of them and it’s unlikely anyone is seriously working on it. Coordinates are given by clicking on each summit’s name.

Please don’t trust the map links too much, though. I know for a fact that many of the trails on these online topo maps either do not exist or have been moved, and there are other trails that do exist but are not shown. Get your own updated map to the region before going out there.

I am only keeping track of my first ascent of each here. I keep more detailed records of every hike including who came along, what trails we took, and so on.

Rank Peak Name Elevation Summer Date Winter Date Where Getting There
1 Ball Crag 6107 2012-07-14 NE of Washington On the Nelson Crag Trail.
2 Nelson Crag 5629 2012-07-14 NE of Washington On the Nelson Crag Trail.
3 Sam Adams 5551 2008-08-23
4 Clay 5531 2007-04-22 N of Washington On the Mt. Clay Loop.
5 Boott Spur 5492 2007-08-25 SE of Washington On the Boott Spur Trail.
6 Monticello Lawn 5409 2018-08-25 Near Jefferson Appears to be a very minor bump just SE of the Mt. Jefferson Loop and Gulfside junction.
7 John Quincy Adams 5394 2005-08-20 NE of Adams Scramble from the Guldside between Adams and Madison Springs Hut.
8 Abigail Adams (4) 5348 2008-08-23 NW of Adams Just off the Lowe’s Path, northwest of Adams.
9 Adams 5 5266 2008-08-23 S of Adams Very minor pile of rocks south of the Gulfside, south of Adams.
10 Lincoln 5089 2006-05-29
11 North Lafayette 5060 2011-05-29 On the Garfield Ridge Trail.
12 North Lincoln 5000 2006-05-29 On the Franconia Ridge Trail.
13 Franklin 4904 2010-05-22 S of Monroe Very minor bump south of Monroe, on an unmarked spur trail.
14 Little Haystack 4760 2006-05-29 At the Franconia Ridge and Falling Waters Trails junction.
15 Gulf Slide Peak 4760 2008-10-04 S of Washington Very minor bump on the Glen Boulder Trail.
16 Hight 4675 2007-06-10 N of Carter Dome On the AT.
17 East Moosilauke 4640 2006-08-21 SE of Moosilauke On the Gorge Brook Trail.
18 Lethe 4584 2015-07-04 N of Middle Carter Bushwhack east off the AT.
19 Guyot 4580 2008-09-20 NW of Bond On the Twinway.
20 West Bond 4540 2008-05-10
21 Blue 4529 2015-05-30 NW of Moosilauke Unmarked herd path off the Beaver Brook Trail.
22 South Moosilauke 4523 2009-09-14 2012-02-04 SW of Moosilauke On a spur trail near the Glencliff and Moosilauke Carriage Road junction.
23 North Carter 4520 2010-03-13 2010-03-13 On the Carter-Moriah Trail.
24 SE Castle 4500 2008-08-23 NW of Jefferson On the Castle Ridge Trail.
25 NW Castle 4330 2008-08-23 NW of Jefferson On the Castle Ridge Trail.
26 Wildcat, B Peak 4330 2008-05-26 2012-03-12
27 South Hancock 4319 2009-03-01 2009-03-01
28 Wildcat, C Peak 4298 2008-05-26 2012-03-12
29 Middle Hancock 4290 2009-03-01 2009-03-01
30 Jim 4172 2015-05-30 E of Moosilauke On the Asquam Ridge Trail (or perhaps just off it).
31 West Osceola 4114 NW of Osceola Bushwhack from the Mount Osceola Trail.
32 South Tripyramid 4080 2006-08-06
33 Wildcat, E Peak 4040 2008-05-26
34 Whiteface (South) 3994 2008-08-05 SE of Whiteface Minor bump on the Blueberry Ledge Trail before reaching Whiteface.
35 Second Howk 3951 2010-08-08 NE of Madison On the Howker Ridge Trail.
36 Waternomee 3920 E of Moosilauke Bushwhack from the Asquam Ridge Trail, or perhaps from 112 past crash site.
37 Starr King 3913 2009-09-07 W of Waumbeck On the Starr King Trail.
38 Webster 3910 2006-06-17
39 West Sleeper 3881 2016-08-07 On the Kate Sleeper Trail.
40 Davis 3819 2020-08-09 S of Isolation On a spur trail off the Davis Path.
41 Braley 3770 SE of Moosilauke Short bushwhack off the Al Merrill Ski Trail.
42 Middle Moriah 3755 NE of Moriah Bushwhack north from the Kenduskeag Trail.
43 Dartmouth 3727 W of Jefferson Notch Bushwhack from Caps Ridge Trail parking lot.
44 Imp Mountain 3708 SW of Moriah Bushwhack northwest from the Carter-Moriah Trail.
45 Cannon Balls, W Peak 3693 2013-01-05 2013-01-05 SW of Cannon On the Kinsman Ridge Trail.
46 Weeks, Middle 3684 S of Cabot On the Kilkenny Ridge Trail.
47 Deception 3663 Dartmonth Range Bushwhack from Cherry Mountain Road.
48 Cannon Balls, Middle Peak 3640 2013-01-05 2013-01-05 SW of Cannon On the Kinsman Ridge Trail.
49 Owls Head 3640 S of Owl’s Head Bushwhack from summit of the 4k Owl’s Head to the south end of the ridge.
50 Mittersill Peak 3620 W of Cannon Follow ski trails from Cannon.
51 Scaur 3605 N of N Tripyramid Follow a herd path from the Pine Bend Trail.
52 Whaleback (Osseo) 3586 S of Flume Bushwhack from Osseo Trail or take the old Osseo Trail.
53 West Spur, Whiteface 3560 W of Whiteface Bushwhack from the Kate Sleeper Trail.
54 Green 3536 S of Tecumseh Bushwhack S from end of the Sosman Trail.
55 No. 3 Mountain 3520 E of Gore Bushwhack E from Gore Mountain.
56 Goback 3465 In Stratford, NH ???
57 Carr 3453 2016-04-09 In Wentworth, NH On the Carr Mountain Trail.
58 Avalon 3442 2006-07-29 2009-03-15 N of Field On the Avalon Trail.
59 Jennings Peak 3440 2007-05-13 NW of Sandwich Dome Spur trail off the Sandwich Mountain Trail.
60 First Howk 3428 2010-08-08 NE of Madison On the Howker Ridge Trail.
61 Fitch 3414 SE of Gore Bushwhack SE from Gore Mountain over No. 3 Mountain.
62 Notch 3402 SW of Gore Bushwhack SW from Gore Mountain
63 Middle Sister 3354 2014-05-11 NE of Chocorua On the Middle Sister Trail.
64 Haystack (Pliny) 3335 NW of Waumbek ???
65 Nanamocomuck Peak 3330 2013-12-08 SE of Passaconaway On the Walden Trail.
66 Duck Pond 3320 SE of Nancy Pond Bushwhack SE from Nancy Pond.
67 Kirkham 3320 SE of Moosilauke Bushwhack off the Al Merril Ski Trail.
68 North Sister 3320 2014-05-11 NE of Chocorua On the Middle Sister Trail.
69 South Sister 3280 2014-05-11 NE of Chocorua On the Middle Sister Trail.
70 Owlshead 3263 2017-05-13 N of Mt. Martha On the Owl’s Head Trail.
71 Flat Top 3248 N of Garfield ???
72 Engine Hill 3244 SE of Isolation Bushwhack S from Rocky Branch Trail.
73 Imp Face 3165 2013-11-06 NW of N Carter On the Imp Trail.
74 Breadtray Ridge 3160 SW of Osceola Bushwhack W from Mount Osceola Trail.
75 Sayre Peak 3157 2015-05-30 SE of Moosilauke Follow trail marked “Dead End” from Al Merrill Ski Loop.
76 Saunders 3120 SE of Nancy Pond Bushwhack SE from Nancy Pond over Duck Pond Mountain.
77 Crawford 3119 2015-01-17 2015-01-17 S of Isolation On a spur trail off the Davis Path.
78 Sanguinary 3086 In Dixville, NH Bushwhack S from forest roads.
79 Echo 3084 Rosebrook Range Bushwhack NW from snowmobile trails coming from Zealand Road.
80 Randolph 3081 In Randolph, NH On the Crescent Ridge Trail.
81 Firescrew 3064 2016-05-14 N of Cardigan At the Mowglis and Manning Trail junction.
82 Mitten 3060 Dartmouth Range Bushwhack W from Jefferson Notch Road.
83 Stickney 3043 Rosebrook Range Bushwhack NW along ridge from Mt. Echo.
84 Pleasant 3040 In Columbia, NH ???
85 Snows 3040 SW of Tripyramids Bushwhack along the ridge from Snows Mountain Trail, or up from Lost Pass.
86 Eagle Crag 3030 2012-10-21 N of Baldfaces On the Meader Range Trail.
87 The Outlook 3026 Mahoosuc Range Short spur trail off the Success Trail.
88 Baldface Knob 3025 2018-06-30 SE of S Baldface On the Baldface Knob Trail.
89 South Sugarloaf 3024 N of Hale ???
90 Hurricane 3015 SW of Moosilauke Just off Hurricane Mountain Trail.
91 The Humps 3013 E of Mt. Martha Bushwhack NE down ridge from Cherry Mountain Trail.
92 Sanguinary, North Peak 3011 In Dixville, NH Bushwhack N from forest roads.
93 Parker 3004 2015-01-17 2015-01-17 N of Attitash On the Mount Parker Trail.
94 Deer Mountain 2997 In Pittsburg, NH Bushwhack E from ATV trails.
95 Noon Peak 2976 2007-05-13 N of Sandwich Dome On the Sandwich Mountain Trail.
96 Chokecherry Hill 2971 SW of Moosilauke Bushwhack south from Hurricane Mountain Trail.
97 Flume Peak 2960 SE of Osceola Bushwhack SW from the Livermore Trail.
98 Percy Knob 2949 E of Percy Peaks Bushwhack E from Percy Peaks Trail.
99 Bald (Tecumseh) 2920 SW of Tecumseh ???
100 Hibbard 2920 2013-12-08 SE of Passaconaway On the Wonalancet Range Trail.
101 Spruce 2900 In Stratford, NH ???
102 Ledge 2897 In Stratford, NH ???
103 Lowe’s Bald Spot 2885 2015-08-16 NE of Washington On the AT.
104 Owlhead 2880 In Millsfield, NH ???
105 South Cardigan 2864 2006-04-14 On the South Ridge Trail (?).
106 Rimrock 2820 S of Cardigan On the Skyland Trail.
107 Tucker 2820 In 2nd College Grant, NH Bushwhack from end of trail in Loomis Valley.
108 Loon, South 2807 SW of Loon Bushwhack SW from Loon.
109 Lightning 2805 In Stratford, NH ???
110 Pilot Range, North 2804 NE of Cabot I believe this is actually Deer Ridge (2808) on the map.
111 Scarface 2802 NE of Cannon Bushwhack NE up Jordan Brook from Skookumchuck Trail.
112 Wocket Ledge 2800 2016-09-25 Mahoosuc Range On the AT.
113 Bald Cap Peak 2795 Mahoosuc Range Short bushwhack south from Peabody Brook Trail near Dream Lake.
114 Deer 2785 NE of Cabot ???
115 Sachem Peak 2784 W of Sandwich Dome Bushwhack W from Smarts Brook Trail.
116 Meader 2782 2012-10-21 NE of Baldfaces On the Meader Ridge Trail.
117 West Arm (Dixville Peak) 2775 W of Dixville Peak ???
118 Hogback 2770 In Thornton, NH ???
119 South Moat 2760 2011-04-30 In N Conway, NH On the Moat Mountain Trail.
120 Wonalancet 2760 2018-07-29 E of Whiteface On the Wonalancet Range Trail.
121 Currier 2757 Dartmouth Range Bushwhack S from forest roads off Jefferson Notch Road.
122 Oscar 2747 Rosebrook Range Bushwhack from ski trails.
123 Dickey 2734 2009-11-26 2013-02-10 In Thornton, NH On the Welch-Dickey Trail.
124 Black Mountain (Sandwich) 2732 SW of Sandwich Dome Bushwhack W from Algonquin Trail.
125 Baldhead 2729 Nash Stream SF ???
126 Faraway 2720 Ossipee Range Carriage road off High Ridge Trail.
127 Haystack (The Nubble) 2713 N of North Twin Bushwhack from forest road on the way to PATN.
128 Keazer 2685 In Colebrook, NH Bushwhack from forest roads.
129 Potash Knob 2684 In Lincoln, NH Take the old Osseo Trail.
130 Howe Hill 2681 NW of Moosilauke Bushwhack SE from the Black Mountain Trail.
131 Blueberry 2662 2019-05-05 W of Moosilauke On the Blueberry Mountain Trail.
132 Bartlett 2661 SW of Kearsarge N Bushwhack SW from Kearsarge North Trail.
133 Blueberry Ledge 2650 2010-08-08 N of Madison On the Howker Ridge Trail.
134 Hall’s Ledge 2620 S of Wildcat On the Hall’s Ledge Trail.
135 Table Rock 2620 In Dixville, NH On the Table Rock Trail.
136 Fisher 2609 N of Welch-Dickey ???
137 Sugarloaf (Benton) 2609 NW of Moosilauke ???
138 Welch 2605 2009-11-26 2013-02-10 In Thornton, NH On the Welch-Dickey Trail.
139 Maple 2601 In Jackson, NH Bushwhack SW from forest roads.
140 Sunapee, South 2600 E of Sunapee On the Newbury Trail.
141 Square Ledge 2600 2018-07-29 E of Passaconaway On the Square Ledge Trail.
142 Haystack (Pittsburg) 2582 In Pittsburg, NH ???
143 Roberts 2582 Ossipe Range On the Mount Roberts Trail.
144 Whitcher Hill 2565 Near Rumney, NH Bushwhack east from the Three Ponds Trail.
145 Black (Warner) 2560 NW of Kearsarge Bushwhack NW from Kearsarge.
146 Holden Hill 2560 Near Coleman SP Short bushwhack from ATV trails.
147 Pemigewasset 2557 2018-11-04 In Franconia Notch On the Mount Pemigewasset Trail.
148 Black Bluff Hill 2540 In Dixville, NH ???
149 Lucia’s Lookout 2494 2012-05-26 S of Sunapee On the Monadnock-Sunapee Greenway.
150 Cooley Hill 2485 W of Kinsmans At the end of the Jericho Trail.
151 S. Twin (Chatham) 2480 NE of Kearsarge N Bushwhack W from Province Pond.
152 Rickers Knoll 2477 E of Kearsarge N Short bushwhack NE from Weeks Brook Trail.
153 Round 2473 In 2nd College Grant, NH Bushwhack from end of trail in Loomis Valley.
154 Bald Peak 2460 2009-12-19 NW of N Kinsman Short path off the Mount Kinsman Trail.
155 Hedgehog Nubble 2460 In Pittsburg, NH ???
156 Russell 2424 In Thornton, NH Bushwhack north from Russell Pond.
157 Crane 2423 S of Cardigan On the Skyland Trail (?).
158 Little Deception 2422 Dartmouth Range Bushwhack from US 302.
159 Little Coolidge 2421 In Lincoln, NH Bushwhack up Pollard Brook.
160 Iron Mountain Cliffs 2420 Near Bartlett, NH On the Iron Mountain Trail.
161 Walter 2420 N of Kearsarge N Bushwhack from end of forest road.
162 Carter Ledge 2400 2014-05-11 NE of Chocorua On the Carter Ledge Trail.
163 Bald Hill 2397 SW of Moosilauke Bushwhack SW from end of Merrill Brook.
164 Campton 2387 Sandwich Range ???
165 Lookout Ledge 2370 2015-11-15 In Randolph, NH On the Crescent Ridge Trail.
166 Bickford 2360 NE of Cannon Short bushwhack NE from Skookumchuck Trail.
167 Little (Warner) 2360 SE of Kearsarge Bushwhack SE from Kearsarge.
168 Willoughby 2340 In Rumney, NH ???
169 Bald Mountain (Franconia) 2320 N of Cannon On the Artist’s Bluff Trail.
170 North Sugarloaf 2310 N of Hale On the Sugarloaf Trail.
171 Bald Knob (Sandwich) 2300 W of Sandwich Dome Bushwhack from NH 49.
172 Sunapee, North 2280 Follow ski trails.
173 Greens Ledge 2280 In Milan, NH ???
174 Paul Hill 2280 Near Coleman SP Short bushwhack south from ATV trails.
175 Victor Head 2263 In Stark, NH Bushwhack from Jimmy Cole Brook Road.
176 Black Cat Spur 2260 In Pittsburg, NH ???
177 Brown (Cardigan) 2260 S of Cardigan On the Skyland Trail (?).
178 Ingalls 2242 SE of Mahoosucs On the Scudder Trail.
179 Peaked Hill 2240 In Ellsworth, NH ???
180 Oregon 2239 NE of Cardigan On a spur trail off the Elwell Trail.
181 Appleby 2240 NW of Dartmouth Ridge Short bushwhack E from Cherry Mountain Road.
182 Morgan 2220 2009-02-15 2009-02-15 Squam Range Off the Mount Morgan Trail.
183 Kidder Hill 2218 In Clarksville, NH Bushwhack SE from roads off NH 145.
184 Smith 2213 W of Smarts Bushwhack NW from the AT.
185 Percival 2212 2009-02-15 2009-02-15 Squam Range On the Percival Trail.
186 Iron Mountain Mines 2200 Near Bartlett, NH On the Iron Mountain Mines Spur.
187 Surprise 2194 2009-04-19 2010-12-30 NW of Moriah On the Carter-Moriah Trail.
188 Green Hill 2181 In Jackson, NH Bushwhack from end of the Iron Mountain Trail.
189 Johnson 2180 Ossipee Range ???
190 Barber 2166 SE of Cardigan Bushwhack from ATV trails.
191 The Pinnacle 2161 NW of Cardigan ???
192 Braley Hill 2160 SE of Cardigan Follow trail from E, then bushwhack.
193 South Hill 2160 In Stewartstown, NH Bushwhack from ATV trails.
194 East Doublehead 2158 2015-04-03 2015-04-03 Squam Range On the Crawford-Ridgepole Trail.
195 Roundtop 2151 In Clarksville, NH Bushwhack from snowmobile trails.
196 Kimball Hill 2147 NW of Cardigan Bushwhack from snowmobile trails.
197 Pine Hill 2140 In Alexandria, NH Bushwhack E from ATV trails.
198 Bald Mountain (Chocorua) 2120 2016-03-26 SE of Chocorua Short bushwhack from the Hammond Trail.
199 Norris Hill 2120 In Dorchester, NH Bushwhack W from ATV trails.
200 North Hill 2120 In Stewardstown, NH Bushwhack N from roads.
201 Upper Rattlesnake 2120 In Rumney, NH ???
202 West Doublehead 2120 2015-04-03 2015-04-03 Squam Range On the Crawford-Ridgepole Trail.
203 Popple 2102 In Jackson, NH Bushwhack SE from forest roads.
204 Rands Rock 2094 In 2nd College Grant, NH ???
205 Canaan 2072 Ossipee Range ???
206 Bald Knob (Groton) 2040 Crosby Mtn. SP Bushwhack from ATV trails.
207 Haystack (Albany) 2040 S of South Moat Bushwhack from North Moat Mountail Trail.
208 Hedgehog Hill 2029 In Clarksville, NH Bushwhack from ATV trails.
209 Young 2007 In Benton, NH Bushwhack from ATV trails.
210 Burton Peak 2000 2011-04-08 Temple Mountain On the Wapack Trail.
211 The Knoll 2000 Black Mtn. Ski Area Ski trails.
212 Mexico 2000 2015-10-10 In Wonalanacet, NH Short bushwhack from the Big Rock Cave Trail.
213 Middle 2000 S of Mahoosucs On the Middle Mountain Trail.