Welcome to the new site!

Posted on June 18, 2015 by Chris Lumens in .

Welcome to the new bangmoney.org! This new design is going to be my place to talk about my outdoor adventures, homebrewing, and amateur radio experiments. It scraps all the dynamic stuff that involved databases and comment systems that I never actually used in favor of simple, static, text with occassional pictures. My hope is that I will use it more frequently, too.

I’m hoping to get some new content up very soon, as I’ve got a lot planned for this summer. This weekend, for instance, we’re doing a hiking and climbing ascent of Mt. Washington via a kind of obscure route, so that might be a good one. It’s not my intention to post every single hike I go on - the web is full of those blogs already, and it’s kind of boring to read even for someone who’s really into hiking. My plan is to post more about unusual adventures.

In the meantime, I will be continuing to tweak the look of the site. I like the simplicity of the black & white colors (it’s pretty good for reading), but maybe it’s too simple. I also haven’t decided how I feel about the use of horizontal space, nor how I feel about the image up at the top. It’s a little big both in file size and in height. I’d like something shorter and more dramatic, so I’ll have to look through the archives a bit.

I’ll also be moving some content from the old site on over, so don’t be surprised if you see posts from the early 2000s showing up talking about NeXTSTEP packaging or me moving to/from California. I haven’t yet decided if I want to move all the blog posts on over. I’m at least going to dump them to a file for later examination. I might also try to redo the photo browser to be static, too.

I am planning on keeping old links working. If you find busted links, please send me a mail (follow the contact link at the top of the page) and I’ll work on fixing it. There’s definitely going to be some busted things around here at least for a little while.