It's that time again

Posted on October 31, 2007 by Chris Lumens in moving.

Once again, it’s fall. And like every year at this time, I am looking at moving. The reason for moving this year isn’t because I am getting a new job or because I don’t like where I live but that David is moving to Hawaii. That’s just a little too far to share an apartment and the rent on a two bedroo m place is way too much for one person, so I’m having to move out.

I did some looking around Nashua and came to a couple realizations. First, you can’t get a one bedroom apartment for much under $900/mo. Second, all the one bedroom apartments are relatively tiny (around 600 ft^2). That doesn’t leave a whole lot of room for my stuff. I did not look at places to buy since I don’t have the money saved up for that yet, and I didn’t look at multifamily homes because I used to live in Home Park and that soured me on the whole idea. Having done that research, I decided the best idea would be to move within Clocktower. Luckily for me, there’s a large one bedroom place opening up this very month.

Unfortunately I don’t know a whole lot about this move yet. I put in my notice to move out at the end of November and the new place is coming available right at the same time. However, it might be available several weeks before if the dude in there now moves out fast enough. Regardless, I will still have to go through the pain of moving utilities and changing addresses. However I won’t have to get a moving truck or load and then unload my stuff, and I will still be in downtown Nashua for the next year.

Of course, a new place means a housewarming party. Stay tuned.