Posted on October 30, 2006 by Chris Lumens in .

This past weekend, I pulled a bunch of boxes and plastic tubs out of storage to start packing up my apartment in anticipation of moving soon. I also cleared out a big space in my bedroom to stack up packed boxes and things that didn’t need to go in boxes. My strategy here is that I will fill these tubs and boxes with things, drive the boxes over to the new place, unpack them there, and bring the empty boxes back to be refilled. So, I started looking around for things to pack up because I want to get this done before the last minute. After a while of looking around, it hit me: with my plan for reusing boxes, there’s really nothing I can pack right now. The first things I will want to move is stuff I’ll need in the new place, but those are things I need now as well. So I can’t very well pack them up. However if I pack up junk I’m not using right now, then the first things I’ll be moving are things I don’t need. I guess I will just wait.

In other news, work was really aggravating today. Every time I sat down to concentrate on something, I was interrupted by people asking question. I didn’t actually get any programming or bug work done despite trying. Perhaps tomorrow will go a lot better. I certainly do have enough stuff to be working on.

Finally, it’s shaping up to be another cold, clear weekend in the mountains. Perhaps I will be able to get a hike in.