Moving season

Posted on September 16, 2006 by Chris Lumens in .

As I previously wrote, my rent is going way up at the end of November when my current lease ends. I don’t really like paying $893 a month for this place, and I like the idea of paying $1019 even less. David is in a similar situation, and his lease is also up in November. So we put our heads together and decided maybe it would be time to do the roommate thing again and save some bucks.

We’re both pretty lazy, so we knew we weren’t going to go look at a ton of places. It’s lucky that the first place we looked at turned out to be really awesome. I’ve been up to Clocktower before and I knew it was pretty cool, so that’s where we started the search. Clocktower is right on the Nashua River in downtown. It’s within walking distances of all my favorite downtown places - Martha’s Exchange, Nashua Garden, Jasper’s Homebrew (probably the best beer selection in NH) - so the location is excellent. It’s also right at one of the outlets of Mine Falls Park which makes it convenient to hop on the bike and ride around.

We looked at a two bedroom roommate floorplan on the first floor, with a view towards the river. The most striking thing about it was the huge living room with tall ceilings and giant windows. It was a very open place with lots of light. The two bedrooms are on different sides of the living room and each has its own full bathroom. There’s a real kitchen (none of this crap one bedroom bachelor kitchen stuff) with a pantry, a loft storage area, and a sort-of enclosed porch off the living room that seems cool though I’m not sure what it’s good for yet. It also had some improvements over my current place: central AC, miniblinds instead of vertical blinds, and two large burners on the stove instead of just one. I was pretty impressed.

The rest of the building was nice, too, though I never really make use of the facilities at an apartment complex. The gym had a new racquetball court with a glass rear wall, a jacuzzi, sauna, clean locker room, and a heated lap pool. There’s a really nice function room that you can reserve free for your events. The building’s an old mill so it’s got some real character to it. And the best part is that it’s going to cost me significantly less than what I’m paying now.

So we put a deposit down on it with only a little deliberation. I’ll have a couple weeks of overlap with my Royal Crest lease which should making moving easy, but probably a little confusing. I guess I sound pretty breathless about it right now but it’s exciting. I think I’m going to be much happier with the new apartment, and not just because of the savings. The only thing I’m wondering right now is what serious problem exists with Clocktower that I haven’t discovered yet.