Changing things one more time.

Posted on September 6, 2006 by Chris Lumens in .

It’s once again time to change the website. For a couple of years now, I’ve had the content scattered all around. There’s the articles on the main page, the journal on my own personal website (why have a personal site when the whole domain is mine?), the projects pages, some useless static information both on the main site and my personal one, and then a bunch of random pictures and things. I started the journal with the idea that I would post frequently and for a while I did. But I fell out of that habit and the website has been stagnating ever since. Of course, most people didn’t even know that there was a journal so to them it looked like it had always been stagnating.

Now I’ve decided that it’s time I make the journal the main site. There’s no reason why I shouldn’t merge the main page’s news articles into the journal ramblings. And if I move the journal to the front page, perhaps it will force me to update more frequently. I am going to attempt to write something every day, or every other day at the worst.

I’ve also got some more changes for the website in my head that will require less code for me to maintain. The longer I have a website, the less I care about writing my own code for it. So those changes ought to be coming in the next several days as I get the free time. I even set up a dev site to stage these changes on before moving them to the main site where everyone can see them.

Let’s see if I can keep at this for a change.