Website updates

Posted on August 24, 2004 by Chris Lumens in .

By now, you’ve probably noticed the changes I have made to the front page here. The big goofy image is gone in favor of this more dynamic style. I did this for two reasons. First, the big goofy image was kind of stupid and didn’t really make sense to anyone but me. Second, having the more dynamic main page allows me to attract more attention to my projects or other things of interest.

I’m not intending to use this for blog-style postings, though I guess it could be used like that if I really wanted to. For now, the code is extremely primitive, but that will improve as I continue to work on the site. I’ve had a dynamic front page before and it never got updated. I’m hoping this style will be the right balance between ease of posting and my desire to slack off and not update it. Anyway, the rest of the site is basically unchanged. Enjoy.