Long Trail Day 6 - Roundtop to VT 15

Posted on August 11, 2017 by Chris Lumens in long-trail.

Our last day on the Long Trail was a short one, just 3.5 miles from the Roundtop shelter to the big road crossing at VT 15. The weather started off nice but turned into rain on drive. The hiking was easy today and we had plenty of time for checking things out on the way home.

After a couple nights in stinky, enclosed shelters it was nice to sleep out in the open again. It was a cool night and I think I probably slept pretty decently. I took my time packing up and putting my boots on so I was quite a ways behind Kaitlyn. However, I was not the last one out of the shelter - a guy who arrived a few hours after us last night was still there when I left. Two brothers had also showed up in the evening, but they were pretty long gone.

Right out of the shelter, there was a minor climb - the rest of what we started yesterday to get to the shelter. It was a long, easy downhill from there to Prospect Rock Road.

I followed the road for a short time, and then turned south off it for another very short climb on more easy trail before popping out on Prospect Rock. This was a great spot with views all up and down the valley, including the mountains where the Long Trail continued.

Kaitlyn was on the phone, finalizing our pickup. It wasn’t even 9am yet and we weren’t expecting her brother for a while, so we sat and ate and enjoyed the view. She wandered around the cliffs and found some climbing routes. I just sat there. Day hikers from the valley below came and went.

After a good long break, we started down. We met her brother soon after as he was heading up, but we kept walking. He’d catch up to us soon enough. The trail dropped steeply under the cliffs but I didn’t get any good pictures.

Some more easy hiking and we were at the road crossing just north of the Lamoille River where the car was parked.

But this wasn’t VT 15 so we had a little ways further to go. Kaitlyn and I dropped our packs off at the car and kept moving. First we crossed over the river on a big suspension bridge.

Then we went over and around a couple bumps in the flood plain. This part seemed a little needlessly wandering, but that’s probably because we were ready to be done. Near the end, the trail emerged into a field.

And just after that, we were done.

Of course, then we had to turn around and hike that half mile through the field and over the little bumps and the bridge across the river to get back to the car. But we didn’t have our packs so it was quick and easy.

Since it was just 10am, we really took our time heading back. We sat in the river for a bit, then hit a bunch of nearby stores, then went by the Cabot and Smuggler’s Notch Distillery shops, and had lunch at Prohibition Pig in Waterbury. We didn’t have to be anywhere at any particular time, so it was fun.

I had some mixed feelings about being done. On the one hand, I was sore and tired of being stinky and wearing the same clothes every day. Avoiding all the rain (it started on our drive back, in fact) was nice too. On the other hand, we didn’t get to go through all the bigger mountains around Smuggler’s Notch which was the part I had most been looking forward to. I was also a little disappointed in how much radio I was able to do.

Still, it was a great way to spend a week and we saw a lot of the Long Trail that I would not have otherwise done. I don’t think I would come back for another week at a time, but I am thinking about doing overnights and long weekends to keep working my way south.