Long Trail Gear

Posted on August 1, 2017 by Chris Lumens in .

I’m now just a few days away from my Long Trail trip. I’ve finally gotten all my gear together so this seems like a good time to do a quick post showing what I’m taking. I spent the past several years refining my backpacking gear. This year I also spent quite a bit of time figuring out what to replace and what to just not carry to lighten the pack weight. Currently without food and water (but with radio), I am looking at just under 18 pounds. I was hoping to be lighter, but it always tends to get heavy at the last minute.

Here’s all the gear I’ll be carrying on the Long Trail:

I don’t want to go into too much depth on everything, because that would be boring. I’ll just go through things pretty quickly. I might explain why I’m going with a particular piece too. From top left to bottom right, here we go.




Everything else

Not shown


Not really shown are stuff sacks. My clothes go into two - one for things I might need throughout the day (like a fleece), and the other for camp and the next day. The sleeping bag gets stuffed into a pretty small bag, and the pad gets rolled up. All the food gets packed into the Ursack.

I’m then going to use two liner bags to divide my pack into two big tubes. Food goes at the bottom of one, spare clothes go in the bottom of the other. Everything else then gets layered on top from least useful to most useful, with things like that small blue bag, snacks, and my radio gear on the very top. The rain coat, water filter, toilet paper, and trowel go on the outside.