Nothing happening this winter

Posted on February 23, 2016 by Chris Lumens in , .

It’s been a really lame winter so far, which means I’ve not gotten out and done much interesting, which is why I haven’t written anything. We have had very little snow this winter, and every time it does snow it is 50 and raining the next day. I’ve only gotten out for a couple of hikes (nothing spectacular) and have only gone skiing once. Unfortunately, I had planned on doing an awful lot of skiing this season including in some more unusual places so the lack of skiing has really put a damper on the posts I was hoping to make.

For this winter, I had hoped to hike eight 4000’ers including something in Maine. I’ve met half of that goal so far. I was hoping to ski at a cross-country center four times, and I had a list of maybe ten trails and backcountry areas to check out on skis. As I mentioned, I’ve only done one day at a center and no days in the more unusual places. There’s just no cover, or it’s ice.

I should at least post something about the January VHF radio contest, a wrap up of my 2015 hiking, and maybe a preview of what I hope to accomplish in 2016.