The return of clean clothes

Posted on April 17, 2008 by Chris Lumens in , .

The long national nightmare of no washing machine is finally at an end.

Today I woke up late for some reason (probably because I didn’t set an alarm) and left for work without first jumping on the VPN to see what was going on. Another important piece of information here is that my cell phone has been off almost the entire time I’ve been here because it’s $2.50/minute so I haven’t even bothered with the thing.

Anyway I rolled into work sometime just before 11 and Hanka (the office manager) appeared very excited to see me. As soon as I got in the door she was waving me down. Well it didn’t really turn out to just be friendly. She’d been trying to get in contact with me via IRC (didn’t check the VPN) and text message (didn’t have the phone on) all morning because the washing machine repair man was on the way. So as soon as I got to work, I turned around and went back to the apartment.

The repairman wasn’t waiting for me when I got back. He arrived perhaps 30 minutes later and got to work. He didn’t speak any English so there wasn’t really any talking going on. At one point he did plug in the machine and kill the power, confirming what I already knew. I’m not sure what exactly he did, but it involved replacing some coil from the inside of the machine and making it work again. Hooray for clean clothes.

Anyway after that it was almost noon so I figured I’d stay home a while longer. It wasn’t like work was really missing me. So I went for a run. I went down the path beside the river and made it to the last road crossing before the Ikea, for a round trip distance of somewhere around four miles. I didn’t quite run the entire way since that’s a lot longer than I typically run, but I still got a good workout. It was also good because now I have a goal of being able to run there and back before leaving in another week and a half.

After that I finally went back to work sometime around 2pm. It’s a good thing I don’t have fixed hours.