Day 3: page 80

Posted on November 3, 2007 by Chris Lumens in Demons.

I didn’t read yesterday, so today I’m trying to do twice the reading to catch up. I’m writing this before doing the second half of the reading to get my current thoughts out, before anything new happens.

Those idle Russian nobility sure do know how to have fun, huh? So far the main characters are a manipulative, borderline mentally abusive old woman and a washed up scholar who spends most of his time losing at cards, fainting, and crying in rapture. Like most of the other people reading this book right now, I don’t really care for the characters and I am not very interested in what’s going on with them. To top it all off, the style of writing is so wordy that I spend a lot of time looking over the top of the book at the wall, or asking the writer to just get on with it already. At least this makes for a quick read, unlike Gravity’s Rainbow where I might spend ten minutes on just a handful of pages over and over again.

I’m a little bored with this book right now but I’m optimistic. I am hoping that we’re currently being flooded with the petty troubles of life in high Russian society so that the inevitable change in politics completely broadsides us. I think there must be something dark and sinister building up behind the scenes and it’s suddenly going to jump out. There’s been hints of things not going quite right - like Nikolai’s sudden demotion, promotion, and retirement from the military or all the weirdness going on with the new governor and his wife. At least, I hope things are going to take that sort of turn. If we get 300 pages farther in and there’s still marriage scheming going on, it’s going to feel like reading Jane Austen in high school all over again.