Day 31

Posted on May 31, 2007 by Chris Lumens in .

Here it is, the beginning of day 31 and the last day of the month. I’m still way back at page 601 which is the very beginning of section four. I haven’t made much progress in the last week and a half due to Sarah’s visit and my rafting trip. Were it not for those things I would probably be done by now. But I’ll still finish. It might just take into the first week of June.

After running around in a pig costume for a couple chapters, Slothrop is really starting to lose it. He can’t concentrate on what he’s doing anymore and is losing touch with what’s real vs. what’s fantasy. Another reader brought up the point that the chronology is screwed up. I agree. I don’t understand why he’s looking for the 00000 when from what all the other characters say, it seems like it’s already been launched. So what’s he really searching for? Perhaps the final section will make these things clear.