Food rut

Posted on September 27, 2006 by Chris Lumens in .

While standing in an aisle at the good grocery store in town, I realized something: I’m in a food rut. It’s always a struggle of the ease and speed of going out versus the satisfaction and price of cooking at home. Going out is lame because it’s always the same crap, and it’s expensive, and I feel like a fool for going out so much when I have the skill to cook. Cooking is lame because I always make the same things, it takes planning, it kills most of the night, and cooking for just yourself isn’t very rewarding. However, it is cheaper and making dinner means leftovers for lunch the rest of the week. And when your only lunch choices are sandwich places, having leftovers is a very good thing.

So as I stood there thinking about this rut, I saw the answer sitting on the shelf before me. It suddenly hit me: I don’t really have any cookbooks, and that is why I only make a couple things. Actually I have a pretty decent amount of stuff I can make - pasta dishes, casseroles, chili, lasagna, steaks and veggies, fried chicken, roasts, a swiss cheese chicken dish, etc. - but a lot of that is more effort than I’m willing to put in most nights. And I do have a couple cookbooks. I have a southern cookbook that I got from David Shea, and another one for slow cookers that I got from Jessica. However, the southern one has a lot of weird stuff that I’m not going to make, and the slow cooker requires lots of forethought.

The one thing I do not have are cookbooks describing everyday meals that I can make without having to let them cook for eight hours. I feel pretty confident in my cooking abilities, but I just can’t come up with new ideas on my own. I think if I had some books on regular meals, I’d be able to flip through and pick out good things to make, and then make them. And that would solve a lot of this repetition I seem to be having on my food selections. So the word is out. I require cookbooks.