Mitchell preview 5 released

Posted on January 11, 2006 by Chris Lumens in , .

Once again, this is the first preview release of the mitchell compiler and programming language for quite some time. It’s been just about a year without any updates, but this one is finally ready. The two big reasons for this were life and the complexity of what was involved with this preview. On the life side, my new job has been keeping me very busy and not too interested in programming in my free time as well. On the complexity side, this release includes support for exceptions and performs a series of abstract syntax tree conversions to simplify the structure. This includes several things I’ve never written before including lambda lifting.

This may not be the highest quality release, but I felt like if I didn’t just get something out there, it might be a very very long time before anything at all gets released. So enjoy and hopefully the next preview will take much less time to finish up.

The Mitchell language and compiler home page has more information and documentation.