Another weekend, another city

Posted on July 12, 2005 by Chris Lumens in .

I spent this past weekend in Chicago. The reason I was there is because Ted and Nikki are getting married, and I’m one of the groomsmen. That means I need to go to do various things like run off to wedding showers when announced. That’s what went on this past weekend. Let’s see if I can make this entry not be as crappy as the others.


I left work around 4pm and drove down to the Alewife T station, where I took the red line to the silver line to the airport. I really prefer flying out of Manchester if at all possible, but it just didn’t work out this time. The silver line is pretty weird - it’s a tunnel that busses run through complete with underground stations and everything. It’s like a rail line, only with busses. At least it shaves one train transfer off the trip. My flight was bumpy near Boston (it had been storming) but otherwise uneventful. Ted was nice enough to pick me up way out at O’Hare and drive back to his place.

We got back to his house sometime around 10pm and enjoyed a couple beers out on the back porch with Nikki, her friend Ruth, and Ted’s brother, Charlie. Didn’t really talk about too much of significance but we sure did talk about it for hours. I also saw the good work they’d been doing on their living room - looks very nice. Sometime around 2 or 3am, I stumbled back inside and down to the basement for some sleep.


One of the problems with going to Chicago is that Ted and I are on completely different sleep patterns. He can sleep all day and usually sleeps in late on weekends. I try to sleep in, but once it starts getting really bright where I am, I’m doomed. So I woke up around 9:30 and putzed around the house. By about noon, everyone else had woken up and we could start looking for some food. By this time I was feeling pretty bad from the lack of food and sleep and from the beers the night before. I choked down some breakfast/lunch to fight the sickness so we could run errands.

Our two major errands for the day were the tux fitting and getting supplies for the party later that night. Getting measured and picking out tuxes went pretty well, though everything else about that was a disaster. We went with some pretty average looking tuxes though we have to wear vests that match the color of the bridesmaid we’re paired up with. I’m paired with Ruth so for some reason, that means a gold vest. Weird. Well, the store already had a Thomas Fortner wedding down with the exact same phone number so that caused a bunch of problems. Then for some reason after a long while longer, they got everything in but we ended up being associated with the Smith/Smith wedding on August 1. Sounds more like the Uninitialized Value wedding to me. I’d say the chances of us getting those tuxes at the right time are pretty low.

The second errand was picking up party supplies - more beer, vegetables, soft drinks, and so forth. Our first stop was Costco and by the time we got there, I was starting to feel sick to my stomach. It was close, but nothing happened and we were able to get giant proportions of everything we needed. Then we ran off to Jewel for the rest of the supplies. I tried getting down a Coke with some success on the way home. When we got back, Ted, Charlie, and Nikki worked on getting ready while I went downstairs to nap. I felt like a chump for doing this, but I wanted to be sociable later on.

I was woken up an hour or two later by the Dead’s “Monkey and the Engineer”, so I knew it was a good time to get up. More people showed up (though conspicuously not Mark or Monica, two other members of the wedding party who flaked out on us) so I made a bit of an effort to be social. We got up to around 25 people complete with many sets of parents and various school/work friends. I felt better after the absolutely delicious dinner of grilled pork tenderloin, brats, pasta salad, mashed sweet potatoes, homebrew wine, and velvet cake. More hanging out on the back porch until late into the night. I tried to feel sick again, but nothing happened and after a little Alka Seltzer, I was great.

Ruth had a pretty exciting night with us and decided it would be best to sleep on the new upstairs couch. Always a good idea.


I woke up around 10am and was pretty soon joined by everyone else. We had a breakfast of grits, scrambled eggs, and bacon - a great way to start the day. After a little of that and some talking, Ruth headed out. The rest of us sat around to look up airplane information. We left at noon to drop Charlie off at Midway and then me at O’Hare. While it’s not a bad airport, it’s so far away from their house. I got there in plenty of time to sit around playing Metroid Zero Mission and look for some overpriced food.

The flight back left at 3:30 central time. We got to sit on the runway for a while which is always fun. Then I had to deal with a layover at LaGuardia. The best part about this was how the bus to the other terminal had absolutely no markings at all so I just sat by a gate hoping my instructions were right and that someone would come to get me. Eventually, they did. I got to sit on another runway for a long time while they cleared up the traffic jam. I finally got back to Logan after nine, rode the hottest T car ever, and stumbled through my door sometime around 11pm.

It was a pretty fun trip, despite feeling like crap for most of Saturday. I think the wedding in September ought to be a lot of fun if I can manage to not be a wreck for a change. The really lame part was how I felt the best on Sunday when it was time to leave.