Using your NeXT as a NIS client

Posted on June 11, 2004 by Chris Lumens in NeXTSTEP.

I’ve got a network with a variety of platforms that all have to work together. I’d like to keep the same passwords and home directories across all these machines so there’s only one database for all the information. NEXTSTEP wants to use NetInfo but it’s the only machine I have that supports it. Since everything supports NIS, that’s what I am using.

I’m assuming you already have a NIS server set up on your local network and working properly. I’ll also assume that you’ve got some basic clue about NIS in general. This is not a guide explaining NIS - only how to set it up on your NeXT. The steps are as follows:

# /usr/etc/ypbind

It should automatically locate the NIS server and bind to it. Run ypwhich to see if it’s done this. If you get an error message, you may need to point ypbind at the server manually, like so:

# /usr/etc/yp/ypset ip_of_nis_server
# ypcat passwd



So now your NeXT should be getting all its users and groups off the NIS server. Note that it’s a bad idea to have root’s password managed by NIS - leave that one local. Now all you need to do is get home directories mounted, deal with all those multi-platform issues, and so forth. Good luck!