Going to Vermont

Posted on July 1, 2001 by Chris Lumens in .

Over July 2001, I went to visit Jessica in Albany, NY. She was doing some summer research at a college there so I came up for a Dave Matthews Band concert and generally just to see what there was to do. One day, we decided to drive to Vermont.

Time Mileage Comment Pictures
3:54 28531 Leaving Crossgates Mall in Albany, NY heading for Vermont just because we’ve never been there. Also, this will give me (Chris) one up on Mark & David in the competition. First, we need to pick up supplies.
4:07 28535 Stopped at Jessica’s residence to pick up a camera, sunglasses, anti-skin cancer cream, and other road trip items.
4:14 28536 There was a spill. The floor and cream soda were involved.
4:22 28541 Center lane closed; merge sideways.
4:37 28551 Ted’s Fish Fry, just east of Troy. Pulled over in a hurry to get a picture.
5:09 28574 Entered Vermont, the Green Mountain State. Me in front of the Vermont sign
5:20 28579 We pulled over at the Bennington Battle Monument, a 301 foot tall stone obelisk. It commemorates several local battles that denied the British supplies. Also, there were lots and lots of gnats. The monument was closed, since it’s after 5pm. This is where we are turning around. The big stone obelisk
Jessica doing her impression of the statue
5:36 28583 Back in New York. Passed a Japanese restaurant in a barn.
5:52 28595 “Pittstown: 5637 happy people and a few grumps”
6:36 28623 Back in Albany after a quick trip to Vermont.
Trip totals:

time traveled: 162 minutes (2.7 hours)
miles traveled: 92 miles
Average miles/hour: 34.07 mph