The California to Georgia move

Posted on June 1, 2001 by Chris Lumens in .

In June of 2001, David and I packed up our junk and moved back to Atlanta, GA. Having lost our cushy jobs working on Slackware Linux, we decided it was just way too pricy to stay out in California. Oh, and the lack of new jobs was hurting too. So we loaded up a big Ryder truck with all our possessions and started out on a five day trip. We decided to take the northern route since we had already taken the southern route on the way out.

Day 1

Time Mileage Comment
9:45 76555 This year’s truck is a 24-foot diesel Ryder, with their usual very high decks. The good things about this truck are its 60 gallon fuel tank (right under the passenger), air brakes, backup alarm, and truck-style cab.

Of course, we almost didn’t get a truck. Yesterday, we were scheduled to pick up a 15-foot gas truck. We walked down to the rental place, picked it up, and brought it back to start loading. After getting one box spring and half the couch in it, we decided it was way too small.

So we drove it back, got their only available 24-foot truck, and paid the extra money. Oh, and it also took about 90 minutes on the phone with various financial entities to sort it out. But we were finally able to bring it back and spend the rest of the day loading it. We have a lot of stuff.

Now we’re at Patrick’s where we are getting ready to head back over to the apartment to turn in our keys and all that hejaz.
11:59 76555 Pulling out of Patrick’s house in Clyde, CA. For food, we’ve got oatmeal raisin cookies made by Andrea, using applesauce instead of eggs. Yum.

Today’s destination is Elko, NV.
12:11 76564 Paid $2 toll coming off the Martinez-Benicia Bridge. Continuing on 680 north.
12:24 76577 We’ve merged onto I-80 east, which will be our main road for the next several days. Luckily, the road is concrete paved which makes it hard to write.

We’re also blowing off the weight station. if we were supposed to stop, someone will let us know. By the way, the truck’s GVW is 26,000 pounds.
1:09 76619 We’re passing by the suburbs of our first state capital - Sacramento. Only eight more to go.

Also, the road is paved even worse than earlier - the seams are about three inches deep.

David: “What kind of interstate is this? It sucks! The lanes keep merging into each other.”
1:41 76653 Elevation: 1000 ft.
2:31 76656 Ate at the last In-N-Out Burger we will pass. As usual, we both got a plain #1 (double-double, fries, drink). There are two weird things about this In-N-Out: the double-double meal was $4.80, as opposed to the usual $5.01, and only girls were working there. Auburn, CA is a good town.
2:46 76666 Elevation: 2000 ft.

Lots of snow chain stuff around. It’s gotten much more mountainous - lots of pine trees around. Also, the truckers are being very helpful by flashing their lights when it’s safe to change lanes.
3:01 76678 Elevation: 3000 ft.
3:10 76668 Elevation: 4000 ft.

We’re very slowly climbing the mountains, but it’s a hard thing to do in a big truck.
3:15 76690 Passed META - the Maintainence Equipment Training Academy. It’s basically a left turn down the side of the interstate.
3:16 76691 Elevation: 5000 ft.
3:43 76714 Donner Summit, elevation 7329 ft.

Also, steep downgrade next five miles. This should be fun.
4:21 76741 Crossed into Nevada. On the horizon, we can already tell the difference, since the mountains have no trees on them. Oh, they also number their exits in Nevada. That’s something California never did. I guess they couldn’t decide which numbering scheme to use.
4:33 76754 Passing through Reno, which is basically just like Vegas but smaller. Lots of casinos, all clumped together in a valley. Pretty much as soon as we entered Nevada, it turned into a desert. All the trees disappeared and were replaced by shrubs. It’s definitely the most prominent state line I’ve ever seen.
4:41 76761 Passed Logan Lumber, on the northern outskirts of Reno.
5:13 76790 Stopped at the Winner’s Circle Travel Center in Fernley, NV. Bought Coke for the cooler and 26.12 gallons of diesel for the reasonable price of $1.49/gal.
miles traveled: 235 miles
time: 5.22 hours
gallons used: 26.12 gallons
miles/gal: 9 mpg
miles/hours: 45.02 mph
5:50 76814 After leaving Fernly, we entered the really, really boring section. There’s absolutely nothing here but scrub, random salt flats, and barren mountains. There’s not even any exits. Anyways, we turned on the radio and found only one station. It wasn’t any good so we turned it off. Back to the wasteland…
6:08 76834 I’m (Chris) taking the helm now.
6:32 76857 Passed a prison (see video), also got a FedEx road train on camera.
6:53 76877 Passed two bicyclists on the interstate. Shouldn’t that be illegal or something?
7:56 76942 Golconda Park, 5145 ft.
8:27 76959 Left Valmy, NV rest area. Strange signs and design style. On our way now to Elko, NV.
8:43 76977 Salt Lake City appeared on the boards: 300 miles.
9:03 76999 A truck from Sharr Transportation in Logan, UT passed us.
9:19 77014 Reached top of some summit, elevation unknown, too dark to read.
9:29 77025 Just passed the third prison we’re seen in Nevada alone. Three!
9:33 77030 Just went through tunnel on I-80 in Nevada.
9:50 77047 Checked into the Super 8 Motel in Elko, NV. It’s an okay town, with several choices for hotels, food, and gambling. I was hoping to indulge in $5 or $10 worth of gambling while in Nevada, but it was too late when we got here.
Day 1 totals:

miles traveled: 492 miles
time: 9.83 hours
gallons used: 56.22 gallons
average miles/gal: 8.75 mpg
average miles/hour: 50.05 mph

Day 2

Time Mileage Comment
7:57 77047 Checked out of the Super 8 and promptly set at the intersection of Idaho Street and Convention Drive, waiting for a break in the traffic. Total wait time: 3 minutes. Also, it smells weird outside.
8:50 77097 Pulled into the Wells, NV Flying J. This exit is the Great Basin Highway. To the south is the Hole In The Mountain Park, which rises to a height of 11,306 ft. This probably puts it 5000 or 6000 feet above the valley floor.

And after 26 minutes of waiting on other people and deciphering the pump, we got the thing filled up.
miles traveled: 50 miles
time: 0.88 hours
gallons used: 3.64 gallons
miles per gallon: 13.74 mpg
miles per hour: 56.8 mph
9:48 77097 Leaving Wells, NV after fueling and breakfast at Burger King. David tuned the radio to the local repeater - 146.86 MHz.
9:58 77105 First Wyoming license plate spotted (4-976) about one mile west of Moor, NV.
10:13 77119 Pequop Summit, 6967 feet.

Quite a view - a really big mountain ahead and a whole lot of interstate across the valley below. Time to coast!
10:25 77133 Exit 387, Shafter.
10:29 77136 Silverzone Pass, 5954 feet. Nope… nothing here either.
10:40 77148 Spacious skies: check.
10:47 77156 Pulling over at Wendover, NV. This is the last chance for food, fuel, gambling, or anything else before we hit two hours of salt flats in Utah.
11:05 77157 Crossed into Utah and the mountain time zone. Also, there was a mile marker 0. I got video footage of the nice Utah sign but missed everything else.

We blew off the Port of Entry, and there doesn’t seem to be any fuzz after us. That must have been the right decision.
11:22 77174 Spent the last ten minutes deciding if what we’ve been looking at is water or an optical illusion. The final decision is that it’s an illusion, since the shoreline never gets any closer. Checking the map, this is called the Newfoundland Evaporation Basin. So maybe there’s water out there somewhere.
11:55 77210 Found a radio station! It’s playing REM! 97.1 FM.
12:02 77218 Several pieces of tumbleweed just tumbled across the road. We’re wondering if that stuff is actually alive or just random dead plants that clumped together.

The radio station is out of Salt Lake City and pretty much sucks. But it’s something different so it’s still on.
12:53 77272 Entering out second state capital, Salt Lake City. Lots of traffic, merging interstates, and industry. There are now seven state capitals to go.
1:26 77299 Exit 143, Jeremy Ranch.
1:32 77302 Stopped at exit 145, Park City, for lunch. We at at Arby’s for the first time in months (they closed the one in Concord). Strange thing is, we were asked if it was to “stay or go”. We also say the ski jump ramps for the 2002 Winter Olympics, and I did a very bad job of explaining what it was.
3:03 77357 We’ve made it to Wyoming! We wanted to stop, get out, take lots of pictures of the sign, and so forth. Unfortunately, the weigh station area merged back onto the interstate in the same place.

So far, they’re doing a good job of pretending that people live in this state. Lots and lots of Wyoming license plates.
3:06 77363 Passed through some large crossgates on the interstate. There’s a sign beside them that explains what’s up. When the lights are flashing and the gates are closed, I-80 is also closed. You have to turn around.

The gates were not closed.
3:29 77368 Ft. Bridger TA stop. Got work gloves and snacks. Chris is at the helm now since I’ve just driven for 8 hours.

We’ve been seeing odd perpendicular fencing next to I-80 since about Salt Lake City. Chris found out what they are, for that we go live to video…
4:00 77396 Passed Mountain View, WY. Heh. (exit 39)
4:12 77408 The phone rang. In Wyoming, I’m sure that’ll cost me. Anyways, it was a possible job thing with Cingular Wireless. Yay.
5:07 77462 Stopped at the Flying J in Rock Springs, WY. I-80 and the local streets are terrible. Concrete seams 3 feet deep makes it hard to write.

No WY flags at the J, but we did get fuel. Also checked the oil for the first time; it was fine. We saw we’re using a Caterpillar diesel engine. Cool!
miles traveled: 365 miles
time: 8.28 hours
gallons used: 39.79 gallons
miles per gallon: 9.17 mpg
miles per hour: 44.08 mph
6:15 77513 GL Road, Exit 156.
6:18 77516 Crossed Continental Divide the first. Elevation: 6930 ft.
7:02 77562 Crossed Continental Divide the second. Elevation: 7000 ft.
7:06 77568 Finally reached Rawlins, WY. Pushing on to Laramie.
7:09 77571 Exit 214, State Prison.
7:12 77574 Road work, back to divided highway. We’re noticed a lot of lane closings and road work throughout NV, UT, and WY.
7:19 77581 Just saw the first Wyoming state trooper. Weird. 141 miles to Cheyenne.
8:03 77625 Pulled into Wagon Hound Rest Area. Bad roads, must check load status.
8:16 77626 Left rest area, load fine.
8:18 77629 Passing large wind farm on the left, too dark to film.
8:55 77667 Reached Laramie, WY. Chris: “Laramie’s pretty damn big, dude.”

This was tonight’s original goal, but due to the SGI Onyx tomorrow, we decided to press on.

Laramie is also home to the University of Wyoming.

Lastly, spotted first Hardee’s. So now Hardee’s are called Hardee’s instead of Carl Jr’s or Carl’s Jr or whatever.
9:26 77698 Exit 339: Remount Road.
9:43 77716 Reached Cheyenne. Leaving I-80 and getting on I-25. there’s a Super 8 on I-25.
10:13 77732 Screw Cheyenne with a pitchfork. When we got onto I-25, we were already at exit 7, heading south. So we overshot the Super 8. I (Chris) drove down to exit 2, turned around, and headed for the Comfort Inn. Of course, they didn’t have any vacancies. So, we headed back up to exit 9. The La Quinta had two-person rooms available but only smoking rooms, and they were $75.

We backed the truck up a few hundred feet to the Econo Lodge, which did have vacancies. And what does your $70/room get you? A place by the railroad tracks! Yay! David would like it noted that he took over driving at the Comfort Inn.
Day 2 totals:

miles traveled: 685 miles
time: 14.27 hours
gallons used: 69.75 gallons
average miles/gal: 9.8 mpg
average miles/hour: 48.00 mph

Day 3

Time Mileage Comment
7:08 77733 Filled up at the Conoco next to our hotel. No numbers for this day because they were used for yesterday’s totals. We’re taking a side trip to Boulder, CO today to pick up an Onyx and an SS20.
7:20 77744 Entered Colorado. You know, Cheyenne is only a few miles north of the border. It’s not a very centrally located capital. And besides, what if Colorado decided to invade? It wouldn’t be a very long battle.
7:40 77766 Saw a sign for the exit 257-B Cracker Barrel. This is the first one we’ve seen.
7:48 77773 Passed the first Waffle House, at exit 269-B! They don’t exist in California, so we are excited to see one.
8:05 77787 Stopped at the Loveland, CO Cracker Barrel. We had biscuits, eggs, ham, bacon, grits, and sweet tea. While we were sitting there, Ted called from work.
9:13 77804 Turning off I-25 and onto CO-119 on our way to Boulder. That’s where we are going to pick up a few machines, RAM for the O2, and other stuff.
9:48 77824 Entered Boulder and pulled into the Colorado Research Associates parking lot.
2:45 77852 After spending five hours in Boulder, we are leaving with three new computers and a free lunch. First, we stopped at CORA to load up the Onyx and the SS20. We unpacked the back of the truck and took off the skins on the Onyx. It then took four of us to lift it onto the ramp and secure it to the truck.

Then we all went to eat Mexicans with very low cilantro content in downtown Boulder. After lunch, it was back to CORA to get in the truck so we could go to Reputable Systems. After some serious getting lost, we located Reputable.

David bought some more RAM for his O2. We showed Greg the Onyx and he was quite impressed. he took pictures of us standing by it in the truck. Then we went in and looked at the big stack of old SGI machines. Very cool. Greg also gave us a Crimson keyboard and mouse under the theory that the Onyx would take the same thing.

Finally, he asked if we wanted and Indy and of course we said yes. So he threw one together real quick from the big shelf. That was the third computer for the day.

All in all, it was a very good day. Everyone we met was cool, and Boulder was a great town. I’d talk about the Onyx for a while but we are going to put together some video of it later.
3:02 77861 Dodged a satellite dish laying in the middle of the road.
3:19 77876 Entered state capital #4, Denver. We’re just passing through on our way to Nebraska. We took US-36 out of Boulder until it ran into I-25 south. But we basically just stayed on the on ramp since I-76 was the very next exit. And that’s the road that takes us to Nebraska. And yes, traffic in Denver is hell.
3:57 77904 Hudron City Limit, elevation 5024 ft.
5:10 77987 Logan County, CO.
6:05 78038 Pulled over at exit 165, Sedgwick, for diesel. However, there wasn’t any so we kept going.
6:23 78054 Stopped at the Flying J Fuel Stop (not Travel Plaza - there is a difference) in Julesburg, CO. We are currently just shy of the border and aren’t going to come anywhere close to our destination.

Fluids look alright, though we’re going to need more soon. The load in the back looked fine, though the Onyx securements needed adjusting. This is also the first truck stop we’ve seen where the only way to talk to the store is by CB radio. The others had a phone option.

I’m not including our time stopped in Boulder in the numbers, since it was just hanging out and not travel related.
miles traveled: 321 miles
time: 6.8 hours (+4.95 hours in Boulder)
gallons used: 36.69 gallons
miles per gallon: 8.75 mpg
miles per hour: 47.21 mph
6:53 78061 Back on I-80 east, after spending the day traveling through Colorado. This is also the place where I-76 ends. Weird. I forgot to record this, but we entered Nebraska about two miles ago.
7:36 78107 A deer just ran across the interstate, narrowly avoiding our 24 feet of death. Also, we are now in the central time zone which makes the truck clock two hours slow. Strangely, the time zone line is in the middle of the state.
8:29 78157 Despite having stopped in Boulder for five hours, we’ve decided to press on to the original destination of Lincoln. That’s about 200 miles away but we’re doing fine.
8:47 78181 Stopped at the Cozad, NE Burger King just as it was about to close. We had to explain what we wanted about four times. Drawing a picture probably would have helped.
11:30 78316 Stopped at the York, NE Holiday Inn for the night. This is 50 miles short of Lincoln, but a lot farther than I thought we’d get. The Holiday Inn was not our first choice. We stopped at the Comfort Inn, but they were full. The Quality Inn across the street had rooms but no parking, and the Super 8 was also full. Finally, we had no choice and pulled into the Holiday Inn for $75.
Day 3 totals:

miles traveled: 583 miles
time: 11.42 hours (see below)
gallons used: 66.21 gallons
average miles/gal: 8.81 mpg
average miles/hour: 51.05 mph

time note: 16.37 hours were spent but 4.95 hours were spent in Boulder, CO. That time was subtracted to yield total driving time.

Day 4

Time Mileage Comment
8:32 78316 Left the Petro Shopping Plaza in York, NE. Filled up with 29.52 gallons of diesel, checked the oil, and cleaned the windshield.

While paying for the fuel and buying some Cokes, I (David) had a discussion with a truck driver about how Cokes are bad for you. He said I should drop a 16 penny nail in a can of Coke overnight and try to find the nail the next day. Hmm… but Coke is so good.
8:49 78332 Exit 369: Beaver Crossing and Friend
9:49 78349 Mile marker 386.
9:16 78361 Reached Lincoln, NE. This is our fifth capital. It’s small.
9:23 78369 Exit 405, Fremont, NE.
10:02 78405 Stopped at Cracker Barrel in Omaha for lunch. Mmm… tea.
11:53 78421 We just left Omaha. We were stuck on I-80 for near an hour because of the President pitching the first ball at the baseball game. Chris walked up a few exits and scoped out the situation. Then traffic started moving. I was walking around on I-80 filming stuff and had to run back to move the truck. I had to exit at 16th Street and double back through Omaha’s “Home Park” to collect Chris. Glad to be out of there.

+5 minutes: Crossed over Missouri River into Iowa.
12:45 78467 Exit 4-B: Walnut Creek RV. Also for fuel: “Kum & Go”
1:21 78503 Chris: “Let’s move this tub of lard right on through Iowa.”
1:49 78533 Exit 110: John Wayne Birthplace.
2:16 78561 On I-80 driving around the top of Des Moines.
2:18 78564 Exit 141: Pleasant Hill.
2:26 78571 Stopped at a rest area, just east of Des Moines. Now +2 small bags of Doritos. The kitchen also broke. We had to fix it with duct tape.
3:01 78594 Kitchen fixed, duct tape removed. While I was playing with it, I stuck the lock. It’s unstuck now.
3:30 78625 Exit 201: What Cheer
3:47 78641 Stopped at the Williamsburg Kum & Go. We got diesel, food, and a lighter with the store name on it. That way, everyone will believe us.
miles traveled: 325 miles
time: 7.25 hours
gallons used: 35.48 gallons
average miles/gal: 9.16 mpg
average miles/hour: 44.83 mph

…we kame and went.
4:42 78669 As we approach Iowa City, we saw two kids on bikes on the shoulder. There were police cars beside them. Hopefully, they were telling the kids to get off the interstate. What is this, Nevada?
4:45 78672 Chicago: 231 miles
5:32 78723 Left I-80 for I-74 south. We got on I-80 way back in the Bay Area. But now it’s time to head less east and more south. So we picked up I-74 at its beginning.
5:39 78728 Crossed the bridge that takes us back to the east side of the Mississippi River. It also takes us out of the boring state of Iowa and into Illinois, which will probably look very similar. We’re back in W country, too.
6:26 78777 We noticed that there was actually food to be had for the first time in a long while. So we pulled into Galesburg, IL for pizza. Dinner was a sit-down Pizza Hut, back in unsweet tea land. After we took our time eating, we just decided to stay here for the night.

We had already decided to move it to a six-day trip. So stopping early today means that the next two days will be more even. We won’t get back to Atlanta until Sunday, but we’ll be able to stop earlier and get the cheaper rooms.
Day 4 totals:

miles traveled: 461 miles
time: 9.9 hours
gallons used: 50.39 gallons
average miles/gal: 9.15 mpg
average miles/hour: 46.57 mph

Day 5

Time Mileage Comment
7:00 78779 Left the Super 8 Motel in Galesburg. This town also has a traffic signal, though it’s a lot bigger than the last one. Galesburg is a train town, by the way. The trains went by our hotel about every hour last night and we’re waiting on one right now.

We filled the truck with windshield wiper fluid (water, blue, and methyl alcohol) and took it for a test wipe. It didn’t seem to do much good.
8:07 78836 Stopped at the Morten, IL Burger King for breakfast. We arrived just in time, since they stop serving breakfast at 10:30 (local time is 10:07). There’s a big Caterpillar place on the other side of the interstate that we’ll try to film. Also, the truck seems to have gotten a lot louder.
10:37 78955 Crossed the border into Indiana. Supposedly, we are in the eastern time zone now. But we haven’t seen a sign yet, so maybe that’s coming up. We’re going to stop at the rest area for rest.
10:45 78956 Checked the load at the Indiana Welcome center; all is where it’s supposed to be. We picked up an Indiana map, bringing the collection to three (Wyoming, Iowa, Indiana).
11:39 79009 Still no eastern time zone sign, but the map says that’s where we are. We decided not to go by Mammoth Caves after all. Instead, we’re going to take a trip up there once we’re back in Atlanta. So we will still get back tomorrow but it will be a very short ride.
12:06 79022 Stopped at the Brownsburg Speedway for diesel. Luckily, they’ve gotten rid of truckstops in Indiana.
miles traveled: 243 miles
time: 5.02 hours
gallons used: 24.39 gallons
average miles/gal: 9.96 mpg
average miles/hour: 48.41 mph
12:40 79022 Left the Brownsburg Arby’s, which is where we ate lunch. The service really brought a smile to my face (note the sarcasm in that sentence). Our lunch choices were that or White Castle, which is basically the Krystal of the Midwest. Then, I did some goofy math and extrapolated yesterday’s (and today’s) fuel mileages.
12:51 79030 Jumped out onto I-465 Counterclockwise (south) around Indianapolis. This is our seventh state capital. We won’t be seeing to much of it since we’re taking the loop around.
1:05 79044 Lick Creek.
1:05 79045 Lick Creek.
1:07 79046 Now heading south on I-65 from Indianapolis. This will take us to Nashville before the next interstate change.
1:21 79062 Exit 90, Shelbyville.
2:03 79103 Switched drivers (Chris is now driving). Stopped at a TA for drinks and SNACKS! Back to the road. 50 miles to Kentucky.
2:31 79121 Passed Clifty Falls while we were on the roady road.
2:41 79130 Sign:

Prison Area
Do not pick up hitchhikers

This was right next to a rest area.
2:48 79139 Saw a FedEx Custom Critical truck heading north. They’re about like our truck (24’ Ryder) but with a big sleeper. We figure these trucks make minimal stops and rotate drivers. I’ll try to get footage.
3:13 79163 Almost 10 miles into Kentucky and still no sign. Got some video of Louisville and the area.
3:24 79175 Passed the world’s largest flea market.
3:36 79188 Exit 102: Fort Knox and Patton Museum.
4:03 79216 Central Time Zone (again).
4:22 79236 Stopped at I-65 rest area in Kentucky. About 50 miles to Tennessee. Picked up cave documentation for future trip.
4:42 79243 Exit 48: Mammoth Cave National Park and Diamond Caverns
5:01 79264 National Corvette Museum
5:10 79273 Passed by: Georgia Plate for Gwinnett county and the first McClendon truck this trip.
5:15 79279 Saw (well, Chris saw) an Estes truck with two trailers. We then brainstormed on possible names for our trucking company.
5:27 79291 Stopped at Tennessee welcome center, which means we’re in Tennessee. We are now +1 on the following items: Tennessee 2001 map, Ruby Falls brochure, Rock City brochure.
5:48 79303 After careful consideration, we’ve decided to push on to Atlanta. it’ll be rough, but we’re ready to be back. We’re currently 25 miles north of Nashville.
6:00 79316 Passed a Jack In The Box. Weird. They can’t possible run the commercials out here.

By the way, we are no longer in White Castle territory; it’s now Krystal. Both are nasty.
6:11 79327 Exit 47: Nashville, Tennessee. This is our first exit 47 for this trip.

On to I-24 to Chattanooga.
6:44 79361 Exit 81-A: Shelbyville and Jack Daniel’s Distillery.
7:00 79377 Stopped at the Phillips 66 station near Shelbyville, TN for yet more diesel. Hopefully, we will only have to fill it up again when we go to return the truck. David’s back to driving. My ears are ringing pretty hard from the engine noise.
miles traveled: 385 miles
time: 6.98 hours
gallons used: 37.04 gallons
average miles/gal: 9.58 mpg
average miles/hour: 50.86 mph
7:57 79397 Stopped at a Tennessee weigh station. We turned out our lights, drove up to the stales, and were waved on through with a green light. I don’t know if we were supposed to even pull in, but apparently we check out.
8:00 79417 Stopped at a truck inspection station. All it was was a parking lot and a stop light. We pulled up to the light and waited for a few moments. The light changed to green and off we went.
8:30 79447 Entered Georgia, but only for a few minutes. Also, entered the eastern time zone (for real this time).
8:35 79452 Back in Tennessee.
8:50 79468 And now we’re back in Georgia again. This time, we are on I-75 which will take us straight to Atlanta. We will not be going back into Tennessee on this trip.
8:55 79470 Stopped at the Georgia Welcome Center. Everything was closed, including the restrooms.
11:57 79606 Arrived at our final destination after driving the entire day. No more driving to do. Yay!
Day 5 totals:

miles traveled: 827 miles
time: 16.62 hours
gallons used: 89.02 gallons
average miles/gal: 9.29 mpg
average miles/hour: 49.76 mph
Trip totals:

miles traveled: 3048 miles
time: 62.04 hours
gallons used: 331.59 gallons
average miles/gal: 9.19 mpg
average miles/hour: 49.13 mph