The Georgia to California move

Posted on January 1, 2000 by Chris Lumens in travel.

In December of 1999, we took jobs with Walnut Creek CD-ROM in Concord, CA. We will be working fulltime on Slackware Linux. Below is what happened during the move. We started in Atlanta, GA and drove for five days to California. Aside from being formatted to fit your screen, you are getting the original uncut theatrical release of the trip log. So sit back, read the log, and enjoy.

NOTE: All times were taken from the truck clock, which was originally set to Eastern Time. At some point during the trip the clock became an hour faster, so the appropriate adjustments are noted next to the times.

Day 0

Time Mileage Comment Pictures
8:58 123057.9 David arrived at my house today in the 17-foot truck at about 9:00am. We then (poorly) packed, along with the help of Jessica. After finishing, Mark, Matt, Ben, and Ted showed up.

Then, we went to Brian and Lynnetta’s house for lunch. We came back and I met my landlady and left the FAD Labs for good.

Finally, we left for David’s house where we unpacked and repacked the truck. We added a mess of furniture.

Our inventory is as follows: three talkabouts, one housing-style clipboard (container of directions, reciepts, etc.), a captain’s log, a ledger, an atlas, a very large maglite, a lot of music, two Nalgene bottles, three hazard triangles, the truck repair log, a flathead screwdriver, four canisters of film, and all our stuff.

Day 1

Time Mileage Comment Pictures
8:42 123057.9 Pulling out of David’s house. Successful radio check on channel 4, code 7. Waking up
Closer shot of early morning
Loading up last minute stuff
Ready to leave
8:59 123060.4 Filled up with exactly $45.00 of diesel and two Dr. Peppers.
9:19 123077.3 The power adapter for the discman doesn’t work, and the batteries are not powerful enough to run the speakers we have. There is no music. The end is near.
10:08 123133.6 Decided not to stop at the mile 15 weigh station.
10:21 123149.0 Entered Alabama and the central time zone. Got a picture of the sign. Radio station breaking up. Alabama state sign
11:15 123214.1 The electrical system in the truck doesn’t make any sense. The radio display and the headlights cannot be on at the same time. Still no CD action.
(-1 hr) 12:32 123234.9 We just made it through the I-20/I-59 Turn of Doom Turn. All still alive status of our stuff unknown. Road paved like shit.
The clock in the truck is now one hour fast.
(-1 hr) 1:37 123243.9 David ate Burger King breakfast and Logan and I ate Arby’s lunch. We took off a panel of the driver’s side in an attempt to find the fuse box and turn on the power adapter. Then we found it under the hood. Screw dat.
Still no music.
Just one of the many highways to travel in Alabama
(-1 hr) 1:53 123245.3 Stopped at CVS/Pharmacy to buy new crappy speakers for listening to music. Determing that David’s CD player just has a chump output. We bought more Dr. Pepper and gummi bears.
Inventory update: now plus one little radio.
The $7.99 radio set off the alarm.
(-1 hr) 2:52 123296.3 There’s a real POS car in front of us. It’s blue and all wrecked in the back. Hence, no easy model identification. Its windshield is cracked, there’s no rear glass, and the brakes might not work.
(-1 hr) 2:55 123298.8 Nevermind. The brakes work.
(-1 hr) 3:39 123341.6 So it’s come down to this… In the absence of music, David has started singing out loud. Just in case you were wondering what oncoming traffic looks like
The picture just doesn’t show the true height of this thing
(-1 hr) 3:42 123342.9 We’re in Mississippi now. We have to turn the headlights off to read the clock. Took a picture of the sign. Mississippi state sign
(-1 hr) 3:55 123345.4 Stopped at the rest area - very classy place. Obviously, this state spent all the shoulder money on welcome centers. Added to inventory: one Mississippi non-official state map. Damn water fountain tried to get away again
(-1 hr) 4:37 123372.9 Filled up with $40.83 in diesel at the “Elvis’s birthplace” exit. It’s raining. Fueling this truck is annoying because the pump cuts off because it’s doesn’t siphon fast enough. So, it’s a very long procedure. Also bought more Dr. Pepper and Reese’s Pieces.
Calculated truck fuel milage: 12.28 mpg
Average speed: 55.6 mph
(-1 hr) 5:46 123455.1 So diesel prices have been going down the whole way. Before we left, David joked that gas prices would rise and diesel prices would fall as we went west. Well, diesel in Georgia was $1.29/gal and I just saw it for $1.20 here in Mississippi.

We also altered our plans slightly. The first goal was Memphis. But after looking at the map, we decided to shoot for Little Rock. We want to make it in five days.
This was hiding behind a big forest
This is 47 in one of its many natural states
This is how I spent most of the trip
(-1 hr) 5:55 123461.6 We’re in Tennessee! Got a picture of the state sign, of course. Also found out it’s the birthplace of Al Gore, inventor of the internet.
We also saw the Nike uber-HQ, the Ingram Micro building, and a fleet of Massengill Trucking trucks. No picture due to me giving directions.
Tennessee state sign (notice the mile marker)
(-1 hr) 6:07 123468.0 David just tried to put the clutch in.
Also, some guy is carrying a big piece of carpet out the side of his car. Must try that later.
(-1 hr) 6:14 123470.3 Okay, everyone in Memphis drives like an asshole. And this town looks like hell. Memo to self…never move to Memphis. The local UHaul place
(-1 hr) 6:25 123476.1 So there’s a real piece turn getting from I-240 onto I-40. It’s a full 270 degree turn. The messed up thing is that the big turn is new. That means that someone thought it was a better idea than whatever was there. I think that’s a pyramid
Yeah, that’s a pyramid
(-1 hr) 6:28 123478.4 We’ve crossed the Mississippi River, which puts us in Arkansas. This is probably an improvement over Memphis - like it could get any worse. Everything starts with a “K” now.

I’ve gotten pretty good about hanging out the truck window and taking pictures. I got a picture of the “Mississippi River” and “Arkansas” signs, which were both on a bridge. fun fun.
The Mississippi River sign
Arkansas state sign
What you see just after the bridge
(-1 hr) 7:03 123515.3 The road turned.
(-1 hr) 7:06 123519.3 The clock works with the headlights on… seems to be tied to the radio.
(-1 hr) 7:13 123520.3 The exit 242 rest area in Arkansas is terrible. It’s hard to get out of, the truck parking sucks, and the facilities are nast. Says David, “I’ve used better facilities on the USS Alabama.”
(-1 hr) 8:04 123578.4 David has decided that the really big pyramid in Memphis was Cobra Command.
(-1 hr) 8:18 123594.0 They’re not Weigh Stations, they’re Inspection Stations.
(-1 hr) 8:30 123611.9 We checked into a Howard Johnsons’s hotel and are currently looking for some food units.
Day 1 totals:

miles traveled: 554 miles
hours: 11.5 hrs
miles per hour: 48.17 mph
fuel used: 1.125 tanks = 45 gallons
miles per gallon: 12.31 mpg
miles remaining: 1921 miles

Day 2

Time Mileage Comment Pictures
(-1 hr) 10:26 123612.7 Checked out of Hojo in N. Little Rock, AR.

Inventory: +1 chump cd player. Music is a go now after 530 miles of nothing.
(-1 hr) 10:46 123634.5 Damn Toyota Celica w/ no plate cut Logan and us off. I don’t know. Three inches? Yeah, plenty of room.
(-1 hr) 10:47 123636.9 Passing Toad Suck Park. Toad Suck?
(-1 hr) 11:10 123663.0 Got flat pics of AR and Chris driving.

We’re on to a new roll of film.

This last stretch of I-40 is causing the truck to sway like a damn boat at 75-80 mph. Road issues.
Flat Pic #1
Flat Pic #2
Flat Pic #3
Chris behind the wheel
(-1 hr) 11:18 123672.2 Concrete surfacing ends, so speed is increasing to 100% on the reactor. The concrete surface causes us to cavetate too frequently.
(-1 hr) 11:27 123682.5 We’re back to concrete.

The only interesting thing we passed was a big Tyson plant just before Russellville.
(-1 hr) 11:33 123689.8 Passed a big damn nuclear power plant.
(-1 hr) 11:40 123695.5 Stopped at scenic overlook. Result: disappointment. Like we said, not much to see
(-1 hr) 12:03 123719.6 Got a picture of the Exit 47 sign. Passed it up after seeing the 270 degree turn. Chris: “Exit 47’s a bitch. Look at that shit!” Almost there…
The Exit 47 sign
(-1 hr) 12:11 123728.5 Stopped at Love’s in Ozark, AR (pop 3,371). Purchased $44.01 of diesel.

Inventory: +1 liter Dr. Pepper, +1 liter Coke, +1 box donuts.

Fueling was made easy w/ the car sized nozzle. Yay.
Fuel prices increasing, but not too bad yet
Love’s is a cool store (note the A&W restaurant)
Chris usually eats donuts while driving
Average speed: 66.2 mph
Fuel milage: 7.72 mpg.
(-1 hr) 12:52 123753.1 Passing exit 13, Alma, AR. The “spinach capital of the world.”
(-1 hr) 1:01 123762.5 Passed “John Brown University”. The question was raised: is this the same John Brown as Harper’s Ferry John Brown? That would suck.
(-1 hr) 1:06 123767.0 Done w/ AR.

Crossed in OK, pulled off and got pic of state sign. Also got pic of guy taking a pic of the AR sign. Hehe.

Report: speed limit 70, road surface good, no traffic.
Oklahoma state sign
On the other side of the Interstate, there was a dude taking a picture of the Arkansas state sign…hehehe
(-1 hr) 1:11 123772.8 Diesel prices still dropping. First price in OK: $1.14/gal. Logan making better time than the truck
(-1 hr) 1:40 123809.6 Picture of OK farm and irrigation system. Still pretty flat. Irrigation unit
Another shot of the irrigation unit
(-1 hr) 1:50 123820.7 Just in OK we’ve seen two GA plates. One Dekalb and one Clayton. One is strange, two is just plain weird.
(-1 hr) 2:13 123847.2 Passed rest area. Even worse than AR rest areas…no facilities. Come on… This was why we were looking forward to the rest area
(-1 hr) 2:37 123873.3 Passed large field of oil pumps…like the kind next to Mr. Miagi’s house in the Karate Kid. Big tower
(-1 hr) 2:42 123880.1 Another GA place…Fulton Co. This is now scary. This was taken somewhere around the time of this log entry
(-1 hr) 3:01 123902.3 A road-train passed going east…three twins linked. Damn. A rare shot of both drivers driving their vehicles
(-1 hr) 4:16 123948.3 Change of duties: David is now Chancellor and I am Minister of Music/Skeleketary. We ate at a Subway in Oklahoma City. It only took 47 hours of nothing to get there. Still a ways to tonight’s goal of Amarillo. You can kind of tell here, but this flag car was quite a piece
A random industrial unit
(-1 hr) 4:41 123975.9 Just saw a great sign - I wish we could have gotten a picture, but it snuck up on us. Anyways, it said:

Hitchhikers may be
escaping inmates.

No prisons or hitchhikers spotted…
(-1 hr) 4:43 123978.7 We’re passing a road train.
(-1 hr) 4:49 123986.8 David: “Fact: Oklahoma is boring.”
(-1 hr) 5:21 124026.4 Pulled into another Love’s at exit 70. Got several random pictures and filled up with $40.50 in diesel. I took panoramic picture #1 from a road beside the Love’s. Emptiness
More emptiness
Lots of nothing
Dripping Springs
Dripping Springs #2
Dripping Springs #3
Calculated fuel milage: 8.34 mpg (cumulative)
Calculated average speed: 57.37 mph (cumulative)
(-1 hr) 5:42 124029.8 Passed exit 69, Clinton. Exit 69, the great town of Clinton
Exit 69
(-1 hr) 5:56 124047.7 Done with the second roll of film. Approaching exit 47…
(-1 hr) 5:59 124051.5 Passed exit 47, Canute. Exit 47 - Canute
Exit 47
(-1 hr) 6:32 124093.7 Logan (over radio): “I’m bored.”
(-1 hr) 6:36 124098.4 We are finally out of Oklahoma! It was so boring we started driving between lanes just for something to do. The whole state looked the same. Anyways, now we’re starting across the short top part of Texas.

Oh yeah…chump welcome center.
Texas state sign
(-1 hr) 7:25 124144.6 Pulled off at the mile 131 picnic area to look at the scenery. It’s a lot more interesting now than it was in Oklahoma, even if the roads are really straight.

Took panoramic picture #2 from standing on top of a brick fence at the edge of the picnic area.
Before reaching the rest area, we passed this sign. We noticed this town-naming trend along state lines.
The Interstate continues as it has for the past several states
Scenic overlook - 1
Scenic overlook - 2
Scenic overlook - 3
Scenic overlook - 4
Scenic overlook - 5
Scenic overlook - 6
(-1 hr) 7:42 124164.3 We just passed the Largest Cross in the Western Hemisphere. I got a picture, but it really can’t describe just how freaking huge this cross is. You’ll just have to see it for yourself. Leaning water tower
Big Cross - 1
Big Cross - 2
(-1 hr) 8:17 124203.9 We checked into the Holiday Inn just seconds off I-40 in Amarillo. It was more expensive than last night, but it is significantly more pimp. Now it’s time to locate dinner and eat it.
Day 2 totals:

miles traveled: 591.2 miles
hours: 9.85 hours
miles per hour: 60.02 mph
fuel used: 1.75 tanks = 70 gallons
miles per gallon: 8.45 mpg
miles remaining: 1329.8 miles
We had a hard time finding our way around with these type of doors

Day 3

Time Mileage Comment Pictures
(-1 hr) 10:56 124204.1 Checked out of the Holiday Inn and ready to roll to Flagstaff. Taking care of the backlog…

We are dinner at the Big Texan Steak Ranch. It’s most likely the best steak I’ve ever had. I didn’t even get to the baked potato. Everyone agree that we must come back here again. Also, we were mistaken for some people that were at someone’s house last night.

David bought an “Oversized Load” sign, Logan bought one of those hazardous triangle signs and a “God Bless John Wayne” sticker, and I bought a “Don’t Mess With Texas” sticker.
The Big Texan sign
The place where dude eats the 72oz steak
The Big Texan Steak Ranch
(-1 hr) 11:02 124206.5 Exit 69, Georgia St./Crockett St. Exit 69 - Crockett St
Exit 57 - Bushland
(-1 hr) 11:52 124262.7 Finished the third roll of film. Pulled off at the mile 13 picnic area to get a pictrue of the non-flat part of Texas. Took panoramic picture #3 from beside the truck, looking south. The last picture on film roll #3
The first picture on film roll #4
The entrace to the rest area we stopped at
Scenery - 1
Scenery - 2
Scenery - 3
Scenery - 4
(-1 hr) 12:03 124276.1 We entered New Mexico and the Mountain time zone. It looks very similar to the non-flat part of Texas, but we just got here. The clock in the truck is now three hours fast.

Still no Jolt.
Exit 0
New Mexico state sign
(-1 hr) 12:16 124291.3 Debate as to whether we have to stop at the weigh station. We decide not to. If they send an enforcement vehicle after us, we probably should have stopped.
(-1 hr) 12:36 124315.5 Sputtered into a Love’s at exit 333, Tucumacari. This one doesn’t have an A&W restaurant, so I won’t be able to get more of the “alcoholic” A&W root beer. Oh well. Took a picture of what may or may not be Saddleback Mesa, elevation 5150 ft.

David filled up the truck with $47.47 in diesel. Running out of film, but it was very expensive here. Inventory additions: one dong of Mug Root Beer, one package of Fig Newtons, a bottle of blue cream soda, a bottle of Sprite, and a bottle of Dr. Pepper.
What we think is Saddleback Mesa
New Mexican Interstates look like this
Some more mountains
Calculated fuel milage: 7.43 mpg
Calculated average speed: 66.71 mph
(-1 hr) 2:08 124398.3 Changed drivers at NM rest area. Super Doppler - 1
Super Doppler - 2
gMore of the Interstate
gSome mountain and desert scenery
(-1 hr) 2:19 124410.1 Playing the passing game w/ Daniel Co. truck. Another Interstate picture
Close mountain picture
These type plants were all over the place
Check out the road sign
(-1 hr) 3:30 124488.9 Stopped in Albequerque, NM and ate at Burger King. Coming down the mountains was oh so fun.

Inventory: +4 rolls of film (K-Mart next to BK)
(-1 hr) 4:12 124492.7 Diesel prices dropping (Love’s: $1.24). Albequerque is home to a large drive-through liquor store. Let’s play “Good idea, bad idea.”
(-1 hr) 5:14 124571.1 Passed a mobile home carrier with no flag car. !legal
(-1 hr) 5:32 124587.1 New organizational system for film canisters. Used film is marked w/ the blue sharpie on the bottom.
(-1 hr) 5:45 124602.3 Continental Divide at exit 47…play time! Exit 47 - Continental Divide
Yet another exit 47 sign
The Continental Divide sign
Another shot of exit 47
(-1 hr) 6:08 124612.1 Lots of interesting events to report (finally). We stopped at the Giant Travel Center for diesel. We filled the truck up with $48.39 in diesel. Then we checked the oil and found that there wasn’t any. So, we added three gallons of oil.

I took panorama #4 from the back of the travel center and made sure to get some shots of the refinery. This is also the end of roll #4.

Forgot to mention - switching duties, still no HJolt.
Distant shot of the Giant Truck Stop
Giant Truck Stop Pan 1
Giant Truck Stop Pan 2
Giant Truck Stop Pan 3
Giant Truck Stop Pan 4
Giant Truck Stop Pan 5
Giant Truck Stop Pan 6
Calculated fuel milage: 7.42 mpg (cumulative)
Calculated average speed: 56.67 mph (cumulative)
(-1 hr) 7:24 124653.5 Entered Arizona and the Navajo Nation. The scenery is still fairly badass, but this Indian uber-commercialization is a bit depressing. The road is paved like hell. A final note: it looks like my black pen may be dead, so I’ll have to write in red for a while. Arizona state sign (did not turn out too well
(-1 hr) 7:30 124660.9 David: “I just think the number of billboards is ludicrous.”
(-1 hr) 7:34 124665.4 Elevation: 6000 ft.
(-1 hr) 8:04 124700.9 We pulled into the Petrified Forest National Park. After anticipating how cool it was going to be for the past three states, we entered the visitor’s center.

David: “We’re here to see the wood!”

But we didn’t actually see any wood. It was a 28 mile car trip and $10/vehicle. So we said screw dat and left. David bought some postcards. Then the park fuzz watched us for a bit.
Petrified National Park entrance
(-1 hr) 8:32 124721.9 Saw a “Dinosaur Crossing” sign on the east side. Coincidentally, this sign was very close to the International Petrified Forest, Dinosaur Park, and Museum of the Americas.
(-1 hr) 8:39 124731.5 Exit 280, passing up a chance to see the world’s largest petrified tree. It’s named Geronimo.
(-1 hr) 8:43 124735.6 We’ve been seeing this big industrial unit for a while. Turns out it’s a coal-fired power plant. Does not look like the coal plants in Sim City.
(-1 hr) 9:17 124778.8 Passing exit 233, meteor crater. Must come back to see the big hole in the ground…
(-1 hr) 9:51 124814.8 We pulled into the exit 198 Holiday Inn in Flagstaff. We like the Holiday Inn. It only took forever to get here… no elk spotted yet, despite the sign.
Day 3 totals:

miles traveled: 610.7 miles
hours: 10.92 hours
miles per hour: 55.92 mph
fuel used: 85 gallons
miles per gallon: 7.18 mpg
miles remaining: 719.1 miles

Day 4

Time Mileage Comment Pictures
(-1 hr) 12:18 124815.0 Checked out of the Holiday Inn and waiting for the truck to warm up so we can knock up a bank. While searching for the bank, we passed this street
(-1 hr) 1:06 124823.1 Filled up with $40.50 in diesel (approx. 2 gallons at this particular station). We got breakfast of donuts, Jones Root Beer, Dr. Pepper, and Pop Tarts. Now, we’re trying to make it onto the interstate.
(-1 hr) 1:10 124825.4 David: “Downtown Flagstaff blows.”
Logan: “Downtown Flagstaff is cool.”
David: “Except for the part that sucks.”
These signs are all around Flagstaff, but we never saw any elk
(-1 hr) 2:16 124904.4 Stopped by the side of the road so Loagn could piss.
(-1 hr) 2:39 124932.9 Elevation: 5000 ft.
(-1 hr) 2:46 124941.5 Elevation: 4000 ft. Just in case
(-1 hr) 3:27 124996.2 We saw the first Joshua trees. So this must officially by the desert.
(-1 hr) 3:30 125000.0 The truck is now due for preventative maintainence.
(-1 hr) 3:47 125020.9 We’ve crossed into California. It was a little challenging to get a picture of the state sign because it was just across the Colorado River, but I got it anyways. We’re also in the Pacific time zone, which means the truck’s clock is now four hours fast. California state sign
Railroad bridge
Look at the size of the call box
(-1 hr) 3:54 125026.4 We just passed through an inspection station. We were asked if we had any fruit or plants. I guess it’s the big California fruit fly quarantine.
(-1 hr) 4:26 125060.1 Mountain Springs Summit, elevation: 2770 ft. Desert - 1
Desert - 2
Desert - 3
The power lines for southern California
(-1 hr) 5:21 125125.5 Neither gas station in Ludlow, CA sells diesel, and the truck is pretty much empty. So, the car is going to have to go down to the next town and bring some back.

Of course, the next town is about 30 minutes away. There really isn’t a damn thing on this road. I’d like to offer this translation:

desert = “ain’t shit here”

Logan and I are going ahead for fuel…
Proof that there ain’t shit here
The Chevron with no diesel
Look at all the gas pumps
The place had drinks at least
They used to sell diesel here
(-1 hr) 6:55 125125.5 Okay, I’ve returned from buying diesel at a station 30 miles down the road. It’s a pretty nice racket they’ve got, being the only diesel in about 4700 miles.

Took panorama #5 of the bustling town of Ludlow - two gas stations, no diesel. This is the end of roll #5.

Apparently, they used to sell diesel right across the street (see picture), but they don’t anymore. Also, the clerk guy recognized our Linux apparel.
The first five gallons
The last five gallons
(-1 hr) 7:00 125128.7 There are 47 miles left in I-40.

Also, a warning to others: fill up in Needles. There’s not a damn thing after it.
(-1 hr) 7:21 125152.6 Back at the Wesco to buy more diesel. This time, we have the truck. I was the last purchase on this pump. Filled up with $50 (approx. 1.5 gallons) in diesel.
Calculated fuel milage: 8.44 mpg
Calculated average speed: 55.08 mph
(-1 hr) 8:07 125177.8 We stopped at a KFC on Main Street in Barstow and got a big bucket of chicken.

I-40 has ended, so now we have to wander around on CA-58 until we get to Bakersfield and I-5. Then, the day is over.
(-1 hr) 9:20 125210.8 Passing through Four Corners on highway 58. This town consists of about 10 gas stations and all the power lines in the world.

Seeing lots of Joshua Trees, but it’s too dark to take artsy pictures.
(-1 hr) 9:56 125250.3 Elevation: 3000 ft.
(-1 hr) 10:10 125264.1 Elevation: 4000 ft.
(-1 hr) 10:12 125265.8 Tehachapi Summit, elevation: 4064 ft.
(-1 hr) 10:13 125266.9 Elevation: 4000 ft.
(-1 hr) 10:20 125275.3 Elevation: 3000 ft.
(-1 hr) 10:34 125289.5 Elevation: 1000 ft.

We’re seeing all sorts of lights and action, which is the part of California that I am familiar with. That can’t all be Bakersfield…
(-1 hr) 11:09 125312.5 We checked into a Hampton Inn just off highway 58 in Barkersfield. That leaves a short drive down I-5 tomorrow. We’re just going to show up at the office tomorrow and demand our keys.
Day 4 totals:
miles traveled: 497.5 miles
hours: 9.85 hours
miles per hour: 50.51 mph
fuel used:
miles per gallon:
miles remaining: 221.6 miles

Day 5

Time Mileage Comment Pictures
(-1 hr) 12:47 125312.6 Topped off with $24.50 in diesel and checked out of the hotel. Today’s destination is the Walnut Creek office so we can pick up our keys and move into the new place.
(-1 hr) 12:52 125313.9 Saw a Japanese restaurant named Tanuki.
(-1 hr) 1:52 123574.1 The road turned.
(-1 hr) 2:25 125416.1 We just passed all the cattle on earth. Really, there aren’t any cows anywhere else on the planet. We just saw them all.
(-1 hr) 2:55 125454.4 The wipers on the truck have flaked. And it’s raining.
(-1 hr) 3:53 125485.5 We stopped at Santa Nella on I-5 to fill up the car. For once, the truck did not require diesel. I also went to the local Del Taco and got some food units.
(-1 hr) 4:24 125503.7 We’re now off the southern page of the California map.
(-1 hr) 4:42 125523.5 We stopped at the rest area just before the I-580 junction. I took panorama #6 of some cool random mountains from the truck parking lot.
(-1 hr) 5:04 125546.7 Alamont Pass, elevation: 1009 ft.
(-1 hr) 5:36 125582.0 We’re in Concord!
(-1 hr) 5:42 125586.8 Pulling into the Walnut Creek office to pick up out keys and action.
(-1 hr) 9:48 125600.4 The truck has been returned to a U-Haul place in a shopping center in Concord. We are free of it, finally.