2013 Hiking Log

This year's distance hiked: 316.60 miles (9.59 miles average)
This year's elevation gained: 87536.00 feet (2652.61 feet average)

Dec 27, 2013 : Mt. Pierce and Eisenhower

Major peaks:Pierce, Eisenhower
Trails:Crawford Path, Webster Cliff, Crawford Path, Mt. Eisenhower Loop
Distance:9.6 miles
Elevation gain:3250 feet

Lots of wind and blown snow on the summit of Eisenhower, with limited visibility

Dec 08, 2013 : Mt. Passaconaway

Major peaks:Passaconaway
Trails:Old Mast Road, Wonalancet Range, Cutoff, Wonalancet Range, Walden, Dicey's Mill
Distance:9.1 miles
Elevation gain:3300 feet

Saw a moose with calf on the lower part of Dicey’s Mill. Lots of ice along the ridge.

Nov 28, 2013 : Rattlesnakes

Major peaks:West Rattlesnake, East Rattlesnake
Trails:Old Bridle Path, Ridge, Col, Ridge, East Rattlesnake
Distance:4.5 miles
Elevation gain:1000 feet

I accidentally took Sarah’s insulated boots instead of mine (they look the same) so I hiked the whole time with way too small boots. Because of this, I had to cut my Rattlesnake redlining very short. This was really unpleasant.

Nov 06, 2013 : Carters

Major peaks:Middle Carter, North Carter
Trails:Imp, North Carter, Carter-Moriah, North Carter, Imp
Distance:10.5 miles
Elevation gain:3600 feet

Oct 19, 2013 - Oct 20, 2013 : Flat Mountain Pond

Trails:Flat Mountain Pond
Distance:10.3 miles
Elevation gain:1250 feet
People:Alex, James, Katie, Linda, Lon, Rae, Sarah

Backpack to Flat Mountain Pond Shelter. Saw a bear along Flat Mountain Pond Trail.

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Oct 13, 2013 : Mt. Stratton

Major peaks:Stratton
Trails:Long Trail
Distance:7.6 miles
Elevation gain:1706 feet

Oct 05, 2013 : Three Ponds

Trails:Three Ponds, Mount Kineo, Donkey Hill Cutoff, Three Ponds
Distance:5.3 miles
Elevation gain:600 feet
People:Sarah, Sarah's mom

Oct 03, 2013 : Mt. Moriah

Major peaks:Moriah, Shelburne Moriah
Trails:Rattle River, Kenduskeag, Carter-Moriah, Kenduskeag, Rattle River
Distance:13.8 miles
Elevation gain:4200 feet

There are a ton of bog bridges along the Kenduskeag trail. Shelburne Moriah might just be the finest summit on the entire ridge, but it’s out of the way so not many people go there.

Sep 28, 2013 : Monadnock

Major peaks:Monadnock
Trails:White Dot, Cascade Link, Spellman, Pumpelly, Smith Summit, Amphitheater, Smith Connecting, Lost Farm, Parker
Distance:5.8 miles

Sep 04, 2013 - Sep 06, 2013 : Grand Teton

Major peaks:Grand Teton
Trails:Amphitheater Lake, Garnet Canyon, herd paths
Distance:10.6 miles
Elevation gain:7030 feet

Lupine Meadows to the Meadows on day 1, to the Moraine on day 2, to the summit and back via Owen-Spaulding on day 3. O-S climbing is not very exciting, but the location and exposure is fantastic. The approach to the upper saddle was also interesting. Lots of scrambling.

Aug 29, 2013 - Sep 01, 2013 : Bechler River Backpack

Trails:Lone Star, Shoshone Lake, Bechler River, Bechler Meadows
Distance:34.9 miles
Elevation gain:2050 feet
People:Linda, Lon, Sarah

Backpack from OK1 to 9K1 in Yellowstone, with stops at Lone Star Geyser and Shoshone Geyser Basin.

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Aug 26, 2013 : Drinking Horse Mountain

Major peaks:Drinking Horse Mountain
Trails:Drinking Horse
Distance:2.5 miles
Elevation gain:640 feet

Good, short acclimation hike with a nice view at the top.

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Aug 11, 2013 : Mt. Jefferson

Major peaks:Jefferson
Trails:Caps Ridge, The Cornice, Gulfside, Jefferson Loop, Six Husbands, Gulfside, Six Husbands, Edmands Cutoff, Randolph Path, Gulfside, Israel Ridge, Randolph Path, The Cornice, Caps Ridge
Distance:7.9 miles
Elevation gain:3300 feet

Lots of Mt. Jefferson redlining today. The Cornice between Caps Ridge and the Gulfside is very nice, and the Edmands Cutoff is a very wild trail. The Cornice between Randolph Path and Caps Ridge is an awful trail that I never need to hike again and seems to go on forever.

Jul 31, 2013 - Aug 01, 2013 : Great Gulf

Major peaks:Washington
Trails:Great Gulf, Gulfside, Trinity Heights Connector, Crawford Path, Westside, Gulfside, Sphinx, Great Gulf
Distance:17.8 miles
Elevation gain:5300 feet

This has been on the todo list for an awful long time. We camped at Clam Rock and the next day, I went to the summit and came back down the Sphinx Trail to meet Sarah. This is one of the best loops I’ve ever done in the Whites. I was also able to get a little redlining on the Westside Trail done due to getting such an early start.

Jul 28, 2013 : Pack Monadnocks

Major peaks:North Pack Monadnock, Pack Monadnock
Trails:Wapack, Cliff, Wapack
Distance:8.5 miles
Elevation gain:2250 feet

Jul 07, 2013 : Mt. Liberty

Major peaks:Liberty
Trails:Liberty Spring, Franconia Ridge
Distance:9.86 miles
Elevation gain:3700 feet

Brushed out the first mile of FRT north of Liberty Spring junction.

Jun 22, 2013 - Jun 23, 2013 : Sawyer Pond

Trails:Sawyer River, Sawyer Pond
Distance:10.6 miles
Elevation gain:1043 feet
People:Alex, Linda, Lon

We meant to hike a loop out to the other end of Sawyer Pond, but Lon and I screwed up the key exchange so we had to do this as an out and back. It absolutely poured most of the trip despite the forecast.

Jun 16, 2013 : Mt. Tecumseh

Major peaks:Tecumseh
Trails:Mt. Tecumseh, Sosman, Mt. Tecumseh
Distance:6.03 miles
Elevation gain:2453 feet

I felt like hiking a 4k but not like driving very far, so I just packed up in the late morning and ran up to Tecumseh.

Jun 01, 2013 : Coppermine Falls

Trails:Coppermine Trail
Distance:5 miles
Elevation gain:957 feet

May 19, 2013 : Lonesome Lake

Trails:Pemi, Basin-Cascades, Cascade Brook, Fishin' Jimmy, Cascade Brook, Lonesome Lake, Pemi
Distance:5.9 miles
Elevation gain:1369 feet

Sarah really enjoyed all the waterfalls on Basin-Cascades and Cascade Brook. Taking the Pemi trail back instead of getting a ride was her idea.

May 10, 2013 : Black Cap

Major peaks:Black Cap
Trails:Black Cap, Black Cap Connector, Black Cap
Distance:2.5 miles
Elevation gain:721 feet
People:Lon, Sarah

Nice little mountain. This was a backup plan for Acadia, due to weather.

May 06, 2013 : Sandwich Range

Trails:Old Mast Road, Lawrence, Old Paugus, Bee Line, Bee Line Cutoff, Bolles, Bickford
Distance:9.4 miles
Elevation gain:3213 feet

Apr 28, 2013 : Welch and Dickey

Major peaks:Welch, Dickey
Trails:Welch-Dickey Loop
Distance:4.4 miles
Elevation gain:1900 feet
People:Aiyana, Erik, Jay, Lise, Lon

Apr 20, 2013 : Pack Monadnock

Major peaks:Pack Monadnock
Trails:Wapack, Marion Davis
Distance:2.8 miles
Elevation gain:900 feet
People:Aiyana, Catherine, Erik, Linda, Lon

Mar 30, 2013 : Camel's Hump

Major peaks:Camel's Hump
Trails:Monroe, Long Trail
Distance:7.6 miles
Elevation gain:2500 feet
People:Aiyana, Erik, Rik

This finishes up the VT 4ks. View extended to Mt. Marcy and all the highest Whites.

Mar 18, 2013 : Mt. Carrigain

Major peaks:Carrigain
Trails:Signal Ridge
Distance:14 miles
Elevation gain:3900 feet

Hundred mile views to VT, Ragged, etc. This is the last of the winter NH 4ks.

Mar 09, 2013 - Mar 10, 2013 : Zealand and Bonds

Major peaks:Zealand, Guyot, West Bond, Bond, Bondcliff
Trails:Zealand, Twinway, Zealand spur, Twinway, Bondcliff, West Bond Spur, Bondcliff, Lincoln Woods
Distance:23.2 miles
Elevation gain:5133 feet
People:Rik, Sarah

Stayed overnight at Zealand Falls. Sarah hiked back out to the car and met us at Lincoln Woods.

Mar 02, 2013 : Mt. Carrigain Attempt

Trails:Signal Ridge
Distance:12 miles
Elevation gain:3150 feet

Did not summit due to too much trail breaking and too slow a pace, despite meeting with a large group.

Feb 14, 2013 : Mt. Hale

Major peaks:Hale
Trails:North Twin, Firewarden's
Distance:9 miles
Elevation gain:2550 feet

Feb 10, 2013 : Welch and Dickey

Major peaks:Welch, Dickey
Trails:Welch-Dickey Loop
Distance:4.4 miles
Elevation gain:1900 feet

Feb 04, 2013 : Mt. Cabot

Major peaks:Cabot
Trails:York Pond, Bunnell Notch, Kilkenny Ridge
Distance:9.6 miles
Elevation gain:3082 feet

Jan 13, 2013 : Mt. Madison and Adams

Major peaks:Madison, Adams
Trails:Valley Way, Osgood, Gulfside, Air Line
Distance:10.46 miles
Elevation gain:5244 feet

This hike felt really good, especially coming down the snowfields on Adams back to the Air Line. Taking that trail all the way back was pretty tedious though.

Jan 05, 2013 : Kinsmans

Major peaks:North Kinsman, South Kinsman, NE Cannonball
Trails:Lonesome Lake, Cascade Brook, Fishin' Jimmy, Kinsman Ridge, Lonesome Lake
Distance:11.15 miles
Elevation gain:4345 feet

I finally got the Kinsmans in the winter after years of hitting them just outside the season.