2012 Hiking Log

This year's distance hiked: 307.15 miles (10.24 miles average)
This year's elevation gained: 101000.00 feet (3366.67 feet average)

Dec 23, 2012 : Owl's Head

Major peaks:Owl's Head
Trails:Lincoln Woods, Franconia Brook, Brutus bushwhack, Owl's Head Path, Franconia Brook, Black Pond bushwhack, Black
Distance:17 miles
Elevation gain:3102 feet

Used microspikes the whole day. Won’t go back to Owl’s Head (probably).

Nov 22, 2012 : Mt. Adams

Major peaks:Adams, Abigail Adams
Trails:Valley Way, Scar, Air Line, Lowe's Path, Gray Knob, Spur, Randolph Path, Short Line, Air Line
Distance:10.45 miles
Elevation gain:4726 feet
People:Aiyana, Erik

Trails on the way down were very icy but aside from that most trails were surprisingly clear.

Nov 10, 2012 : Mt. Belknap and Piper

Major peaks:Belknap, Piper
Trails:Belknap Carriage Road, Green, White, Old Piper, Piper Mountain
Distance:4.1 miles
Elevation gain:1600 feet

First hike with significant snow.

Oct 21, 2012 : Baldface Ridge

Major peaks:South Baldface, North Baldface, Eagle Crag, Mt. Meader
Trails:Baldface Circle, Meader Ridge, Basin
Distance:11.8 miles
Elevation gain:4289 feet

The Baldfaces (along with the Moats) are one of the best hikes in the White Mountains. I should have done this years ago, in place of yet another hike up Zealand or Hale. If only it weren’t such a long drive.

Oct 17, 2012 : Mt. Killington

Major peaks:Killington, Pico
Trails:Sherburne, Long Trail, Killington Spur, Long Trail, Pico Spur
Distance:12 miles
Elevation gain:2650 feet

Oct 06, 2012 : Monadnock

Major peaks:Monadnock
Trails:Parker, Lost Farm, Cliff Walk, Smith Connecting, Amphitheater, White Arrow, White Dot, White Cross, White Arrow
Distance:4.5 miles
Elevation gain:1932 feet
People:Aiyana, Erik

Sep 22, 2012 : Mt. Abraham and Ellen

Major peaks:Abraham, Ellen
Trails:Long Trail
Distance:12.6 miles
Elevation gain:3500 feet

Sep 08, 2012 : Osceolas

Major peaks:Osceola, East Osceola
Trails:Mt. Osceola
Distance:8.4 miles
Elevation gain:3186 feet
People:Aiyana, Erik

Explored cliffs just off trail near chimney between peaks.

Sep 02, 2012 - Sep 03, 2012 : Wild River Wilderness

Major peaks:Eagle Crag
Trails:Wild River, Eagle Link, Spruce Brook Tentsite Spur
Distance:15.2 miles
Elevation gain:2659 feet
People:Aiyana, Erik, Sarah

Backpack to Spruce Brook tent site. Lots of wash outs along Wild River. Tent site has three pads suitable for a three man tent, up on a bluff above the river. No latrine.

Aug 26, 2012 : Madison Gulf

Major peaks:Madison
Trails:Great Gulf, Madison Gulf, Parapet, Star Lake, Osgood, Osgood Cutoff, Great Gulf
Distance:12.11 miles
Elevation gain:4401 feet

Madison Gulf is a very wild trail that benefits from knowing how to use your hands. One tent site on the left side of the trail about 0.5 miles from GG, before first stream crossing.

Aug 18, 2012 : Mt. Mansfield

Major peaks:Mansfield, Adams Apple
Trails:Long Trail, Adams Apple Trail, Long Trail, Haselton
Distance:6.7 miles
Elevation gain:2900 feet
People:Aiyana, Erik

Jul 28, 2012 : Charleston Peak

Major peaks:Charleston Peak
Trails:South Loop
Distance:16.6 miles
Elevation gain:4500 feet

Much harder than I thought it be, probably due to elevation change and altitude

Jul 22, 2012 : Pack Monadnock

Major peaks:Pack Monadnock
Trails:Wapack, Marion Davis
Distance:2.8 miles
Elevation gain:900 feet

Jul 14, 2012 : Mt. Washington

Major peaks:Nelson Crag, Ball Crag, Washington
Trails:Old Jackson Road, Nelson Crag, Crawford Path, Davis Path, Southside, Tuckerman Ravine
Distance:10.24 miles
Elevation gain:4617 feet

Met Sarah at the summit and hiked down with her

Jun 30, 2012 : Pemi Loop Attempt

Major peaks:Flume, Liberty, Little Haystack, Lincoln, Lafayette, North Lafayette, Garfield
Trails:Osseo, Franconia Ridge, Garfield Ridge, Gale River
Distance:20.7 miles
Elevation gain:7213 feet

2/3 of a Pemi loop attempt. I bailed at the Gale River Trail due to having gone from Lafayette all the way to Garfield without any water. Even after refilling at the pond, it was too late and I didn’t have the energy to continue.

Jun 09, 2012 : Southern Presidentials

Major peaks:Eisenhower, Pierce, Jackson
Trails:Edmands Path, Mt. Eisenhower Loop, Crawford Path, Webster Cliff, Webster-Jackson
Distance:10.07 miles
Elevation gain:4004 feet
People:Aiyana, Erik, Ezra, Rik

25% grid completion on Pierce

May 26, 2012 - May 28, 2012 : Monadnock-Sunapee Greenway

Trails:Monadnock-Sunapee Greenway
Distance:21.4 miles
Elevation gain:4666 feet
People:Alex, Catherine, Linda, Lon, Sarah

Backpack from Sunapee to Adventist Church. Bugs were bad. We never learn.

May 13, 2012 : Franconia Ridge Loop

Major peaks:Lafayette, Lincoln, Little Haystack
Trails:Old Bridle Path, Greenleaf, Franconia Ridge, Falling Waters
Distance:8.9 miles
Elevation gain:4154 feet
People:Aiyana, Erik

Apr 28, 2012 : Mt. Greylock

Major peaks:Greylock
Trails:Cheshire Harbor, AT, Gould, Peck's Brook Loop, Cheshire Harbor
Distance:6.6 miles
Elevation gain:2100 feet
People:Alex, Catherine, Lon

Apr 14, 2012 : Chocorua

Major peaks:Chocorua
Trails:Piper, Liberty, Hammond, Weetamoo, Piper
Distance:8.66 miles
Elevation gain:3055 feet
People:Aiyana, Erik

This is a very scenic route up Chocorua. Weetamoo Rock is huge.

Apr 06, 2012 : Monadnock

Finished redlining Monadnock, did not go to summit

Mar 17, 2012 : Mt. Jefferson

Major peaks:Jefferson, Clay
Trails:Jewell, Gulfside, Mt. Jefferson Loop, Gulfside, Mt. Clay Loop, Gulfside, Jewell
Distance:9.68 miles
Elevation gain:4256 feet

Trails very slushy by afternoon. Great end of winter hike.

Mar 12, 2012 : Wildcats

Major peaks:Wildcat A, Wildcat B, Wildcat C, Wildcat D
Trails:Nineteen Mile Brook, Wildcat Ridge
Distance:9.15 miles
Elevation gain:3556 feet

First notice of bug activity for the year

Mar 04, 2012 : Carter Dome

Major peaks:Carter Dome
Trails:Nineteen Mile Brook, Carter Dome, Carter-Moriah, Nineteen Mile Brook
Distance:9.95 miles
Elevation gain:3665 feet
People:Rik, Tim

Feb 29, 2012 : Mt. Passaconaway

Major peaks:Passaconaway
Trails:Dicey's Mill
Distance:9.2 miles
Elevation gain:3008 feet

Very fast hike, had to beat the storm.

Feb 18, 2012 : Mt. Isolation

Major peaks:Isolation
Trails:Rocky Branch, Isolation, Davis Path
Distance:14.54 miles
Elevation gain:3921 feet
People:Rik, Tim

Terrible bushwhack from above last crossing on Isolation Trail to Davis Path. I don’t know why we went that way. The trails were in very fast condition.

Feb 04, 2012 : Mt. Moosilauke

Major peaks:South Moosilauke, Moosilauke
Trails:Glencliff, Spur, Moosilauke Carriage Road, Glencliff
Distance:8.2 miles
Elevation gain:3466 feet

Jan 30, 2012 : Mt. Jackson

Major peaks:Jackson
Distance:5.2 miles
Elevation gain:2547 feet

This was an early morning hike on a weekend where Sarah and I were staying at Crawford Notch just for something to do.

Jan 21, 2012 : Tripyramids

Major peaks:North Tripyramid, Middle Tripyramid
Trails:Livermore, Scaur Ridge, Pine Bend Brook, Mt. Tripyramid
Distance:13.2 miles
Elevation gain:3510 feet

Jan 07, 2012 : Waumbek

Major peaks:Starr King, Waumbek
Trails:Starr King
Distance:7.2 miles
Elevation gain:2917 feet
People:Lon, Rik