2010 Hiking Log

This year's distance hiked: 325.05 miles (10.16 miles average)
This year's elevation gained: 115878.00 feet (3621.19 feet average)

Dec 30, 2010 : Moriah

Major peaks:Surprise, Moriah
Distance:9.04 miles
Elevation gain:3596 feet
People:Lon, Tim

I didn’t think I would be able to make it, but on the next-to-last day of the year we got up Moriah. The trail breaking was epic following a big storm but luckily there was another group of five or six people that helped. This completes my single-year round.

Dec 18, 2010 : Carter Dome and Wildcats

Major peaks:Carter Dome, Wildcat A, Wildcat B, Wildcat C, Wildcat D
Trails:Nineteen Mile Brook, Carter Dome, Carter-Moriah, Wildcat Ridge
Distance:11.9 miles
Elevation gain:5159 feet

Running out of time in the year. Because I hadn’t done Carter Dome back in the winter, I had to do it today along with all the Wildcats. Going down and back up the notch was tough, as were all the bumps along the Wildcat ridge. We came down ski trails and then had to hike back along the road.

Dec 11, 2010 : Waumbek

Major peaks:Starr King, Waumbek
Trails:Starr King
Distance:7.2 miles
Elevation gain:2917 feet

Nov 25, 2010 : Mt. Moosilauke

Major peaks:Moosilauke
Distance:7.2 miles
Elevation gain:3204 feet

No snow until just before Beaver Brook jct. Another Thanksgiving Day hike while Sarah was at work. Good thing I did this one, too, as Irene would make access to this trail much harder the next year.

Nov 13, 2010 : Isolation

Major peaks:Slide Peak, North Isolation, Isolation
Trails:Glen Boulder, Davis Path, Isolation, Rocky Branch
Distance:13.34 miles
Elevation gain:4265 feet

Oct 26, 2010 : Tuckerman Ravine

Major peaks:Washington, Boott Spur
Trails:Tuckerman Ravine, Lion Head, Tuckerman Ravine, Crawford Path, Davis Path, Boott Spur, Tuckerman Ravine
Distance:9.83 miles
Elevation gain:4654 feet

Sarah waited down at Pinkham Notch while I did this hike as quickly as I could. I wanted to do a little extra redlining by hiking over to Raymond Path, but the river crossing on Huntington Ravine was impassable.

Oct 17, 2010 : Mt. Cabot

Major peaks:Cabot, Bulge, Horn
Trails:York Pond, Bunnell Notch, Kilkenny Ridge, Unknown Pond
Distance:11.4 miles
Elevation gain:3577 feet

Saw first snow of the year near Cabot Cabin

Oct 09, 2010 : Galehead and Garfield

Major peaks:Galehead, Garfield
Trails:Gale River, Garfield Ridge, Frost, Garfield Ridge, Garfield
Distance:13.96 miles
Elevation gain:4425 feet

Oct 03, 2010 : Mt. Potash

Major peaks:Potash
Trails:Saco Lake, Crawford Path, Crawford Cliff Spur, Around-the-Lake, Red Bench, Downes Brook, Mt. Potash
Distance:7.36 miles
Elevation gain:2443 feet

Photo album

Sep 26, 2010 : Pack Monadnock

Major peaks:Pack Monadnock
Trails:Wapack, Marion Davis
Distance:2.8 miles
Elevation gain:900 feet
People:Linda, Lon

Sep 11, 2010 : Carrigain

Major peaks:Carrigain
Trails:Signal Ridge
Distance:10 miles
Elevation gain:3642 feet

Sep 03, 2010 : Bonds and Zealand

Major peaks:Bondcliff, Bond, West Bond, Zealand
Trails:Lincoln Woods, Wilderness, Bondcliff, West Bond Spur, Guyot Spur, Bondcliff, Twinway, Zealand
Distance:19.9 miles
Elevation gain:5576 feet
People:Lon, Tim, Sarah B.

Aug 21, 2010 : Mt. Jefferson

Major peaks:Jefferson
Trails:Caps Ridge, Castle, The Link, Caps Ridge
Distance:5.6 miles
Elevation gain:2905 feet

This is a fun loop, though The Link is very rough.

Aug 14, 2010 : Owl's Head

Major peaks:Owl's Head
Trails:Lincoln Woods, Franconia Brook, Lincoln Brook, Owl's Head Path
Distance:18.04 miles
Elevation gain:3368 feet

Aug 08, 2010 : Madison and Adams

Major peaks:Madison, Adams
Trails:Howker Ridge, Osgood, Gulfside, Airline, Gulfside, Lowe's Path, Israel Ridge Path, Gray Knob, Hinks, Spur, Randolph Path
Distance:12.52 miles
Elevation gain:5735 feet

Got a late start, wanted to go for Jefferson too.

Jul 24, 2010 : Whiteface and Passaconaway

Major peaks:Whiteface, Passaconaway
Trails:Dicey's Mill, Tom Wiggin, Blueberry Ledge, Rollins, Dicey's Mill
Distance:11.7 miles
Elevation gain:4242 feet

Jul 15, 2010 : Willey Range

Major peaks:Willey, Field, Tom
Trails:Ethan Pond, Willey Range, Mt. Tom Spur, A-Z, Avalon, Beecher Pearl Cascades Loop, Avalon
Distance:8.55 miles
Elevation gain:3783 feet

Lots of ladders on Willey Range south of Willey

Jul 03, 2010 : Pierce, Jackson, and Webster

Major peaks:Pierce, Jackson, Webster
Trails:Webster Cliff, Saco River, Dry River, Mt. Clinton, Webster Cliff
Distance:15.3 miles
Elevation gain:5056 feet

Mt. Clinton trail is slow, wild, and interesting.

Jun 19, 2010 : Kinsmans

Major peaks:North Kinsman, South Kinsman
Trails:Whitehouse, Cascade Brook, Kinsman Pond, Kinsman Ridge, Fishin' Jimmy, Cascade Brook, Basin Cascades, Whitehouse
Distance:14.32 miles
Elevation gain:3967 feet

It was very humid, especially down in the forest along Cascade Brook and Kinsman Pond.

May 29, 2010 : Osceolas

Major peaks:Osceola, East Osceola
Trails:Mt. Osceola
Distance:8.4 miles
Elevation gain:3186 feet
People:Jay, Rik

May 22, 2010 : Southern Presidentials

Major peaks:Little Monroe, Monroe, Franklin, Eisenhower
Trails:Edmands Path, Crawford Path, Mt. Monroe Loop, Crawford Path, Mt. Eisenhower Loop, Crawford Path, Edmands Path
Distance:11.34 miles
Elevation gain:4448 feet

May 09, 2010 : Pack Monadnock

Major peaks:Pack Monadnock
Trails:Wapack, Marion Davis
Distance:2.8 miles
Elevation gain:900 feet
People:Linda, Lon, Rik, Sarah

May 01, 2010 : Mt. Liberty

Major peaks:Liberty
Trails:Whitehouse, Liberty Spring, Franconia Ridge
Distance:7.86 miles
Elevation gain:3238 feet

Last snow of the year

Apr 24, 2010 : Hancocks Loop

Major peaks:Hancock, South Hancock
Trails:Hancock Notch, Cedar Brook, Hancock Loop
Distance:9.6 miles
Elevation gain:3601 feet

Apr 11, 2010 : Tripyramids

Major peaks:North Tripyramid, Middle Tripyramid
Trails:Pine Bend Brook, Mt. Tripyramid
Distance:9.6 miles
Elevation gain:3483 feet

Lots of snow still on the Pine Bend Brook Trail, which gets very steep as it goes up into its ravine.

Mar 27, 2010 : Mt. Hale

Major peaks:Hale
Trails:North Twin, Firewarden's
Distance:9 miles
Elevation gain:2550 feet

Firewarden’s Trail is a little tough to follow around the bump north of Hale

Mar 13, 2010 : Carters

Major peaks:South Carter, Middle Carter, Lethe, North Carter
Trails:Nineteen Mile Brook, Carter Dome, Carter-Moriah, North Carter, Imp
Distance:13.32 miles
Elevation gain:4591 feet

At the ridge, Tim turned right for Carter Dome and I turned left for South and Middle Carter. The trail was unbroken much of the way which made it pretty hard to follow. I went all the way to North Carter, saw the giant drop, and turned around. I found the trail down on the way back and waited for Tim. Skipping Carter Dome would make for a much harder hike later in the year.

Mar 06, 2010 : Franconia Ridge Loop

Major peaks:Little Haystack, Lincoln, Lafayette
Trails:Falling Waters, Franconia Ridge, Greenleaf, Old Bridle Path
Distance:8.9 miles
Elevation gain:4154 feet
People:Lon, Rik

Feb 28, 2010 : Mt. Flume

Major peaks:Flume
Trails:Lincoln Woods, Osseo, Franconia Ridge
Distance:11.16 miles
Elevation gain:3415 feet

Cold and lots of trail breaking today. I was really not into this hike.

Feb 06, 2010 : Twins

Major peaks:North Twin, South Twin
Trails:North Twin, North Twin Spur
Distance:11.2 miles
Elevation gain:3860 feet

Jan 31, 2010 : Cannon

Major peaks:Cannon
Trails:Lonesome Lake, Dodge Cutoff, Hi-Cannon
Distance:5.88 miles
Elevation gain:2585 feet

Jan 17, 2010 : Mt. Tecumseh

Major peaks:Tecumseh
Trails:Mt. Tecumseh, Sosman
Distance:6.03 miles
Elevation gain:2453 feet

My first hike in my effort to climb all 4000’ers in a single year.