2008 Hiking Log

This year's distance hiked: 218.86 miles (9.12 miles average)
This year's elevation gained: 75738.00 feet (3155.75 feet average)

Dec 14, 2008 : Chocorua

Major peaks:Chocorua

Dec 06, 2008 : Mt. Moosilauke

Major peaks:Moosilauke
Trails:Beaver Brook
Distance:7.6 miles
Elevation gain:3274 feet

Nov 22, 2008 : Mt. Cabot

Major peaks:Cabot, Bulge, Horn
Trails:Unknown Pond, Kilkenny Ridge, Horn Side Trail
Distance:10.36 miles
Elevation gain:3636 feet
People:Jon, Lon, Tim

Getting to this hike sure did involve a lot of driving, and then there was a lot more snow than I was expecting. I did not really enjoy this one.

Nov 09, 2008 : Monadnock

Major peaks:Monadnock

Nov 02, 2008 : Monadnock

Major peaks:Monadnock

Oct 04, 2008 - Oct 05, 2008 : Isolation

Major peaks:Isolation, Boott Spur, Slide Peak
Trails:Rocky Branch, Isolation, Dry River, Crawford Path, Camel, Davis Path, Glen Boulder
Distance:20.9 miles
Elevation gain:7259 feet

We camped overnight at the shelter far up the Dry River Trail, having hiked over Isolation earlier in the day. The next day, we went up through Oakes Gulf to Lakes of the Clouds and then down Glen Boulder. Tim ended up having to run back to get the car.

Sep 20, 2008 : Twins and Guyot

Major peaks:North Twin, South Twin, Guyot
Trails:North Twin, North Twin Spur, Twinway
Distance:15.2 miles
Elevation gain:4803 feet

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Aug 31, 2008 : Carrigain

Major peaks:Carrigain
Trails:Signal Ridge, Desolation, Carrigain Notch
Distance:13.53 miles
Elevation gain:4137 feet

Aug 23, 2008 : Jefferson and Adams

Major peaks:Jefferson, Adams, Sam Adams, Abigail Adams, Adams 5
Trails:Castle, Mt. Jefferson Loop, Gulfside, Lowe's Path, Gulfside, Israel Ridge, Perch Path, Israel Ridge, Castle
Distance:13.35 miles
Elevation gain:5468 feet

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Aug 05, 2008 : Whiteface and Passaconaway

Major peaks:Whiteface, Passaconaway
Trails:Blueberry Ledge, Rollins, Dicey's Mill, East Loop, Walden, Dicey's Mill
Distance:11.7 miles
Elevation gain:4412 feet

I came back for the summits I didn’t make only a few days ago. This time I brought bug spray and more water. It rained most of the day, too.

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Aug 02, 2008 : Blueberry Ledge

Trails:Blueberry Ledge, Blueberry Ledge Cutoff, Blueberry Ledge
Distance:3.4 miles
Elevation gain:1010 feet

It was also very buggy and I didn’t bring bug spray, so I turned around. I also drank almost all my water just going as far as I did.

Jul 13, 2008 : Owl's Head

Major peaks:Owl's Head
Trails:Lincoln Woods, Black Pond, Lincoln Brook, Owl's Head Path, Lincoln Brook, Franconia Brook, Lincoln Woods
Distance:18.04 miles
Elevation gain:3368 feet

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Jul 12, 2008 : Pack Monadnock

Major peaks:Pack Monadnock
Trails:Wapack, Marion Davis
Distance:2.8 miles
Elevation gain:900 feet

Jun 28, 2008 : Northern Presidentials

Major peaks:Madison, Jefferson, Clay, Washington
Trails:Valley Way, Brookside, Watson Path, Osgood, Gulfside, Mt. Jefferson Loop, Gulfside, Mt. Clay Loop, Gulfside, Tuckerman Ravine, Lion Head, Tuckerman Ravine
Distance:14.91 miles
Elevation gain:7471 feet
People:Jon, Lon, Tim

I attempted a Presidential Traverse, but was unable to finish due to weather and trying to make sure other people didn’t get lost. I skipped Adams to catch up, but that only helped for a little bit. Predicted weather made us have to bail at Washington.

Jun 14, 2008 : Franconia Ridge Complete

Major peaks:Flume, Liberty, Little Haystack, Lincoln, Lafayette
Trails:Pemi, Liberty Springs, Flume Slide, Franconia Ridge, Greenleaf, Pemi
Distance:17.58 miles
Elevation gain:5803 feet

May 26, 2008 : Wildcats

Major peaks:Wildcat E, Wildcat D, Wildcat C, Wildcat B, Wildcat A
Trails:Lost Pond, Wildcat Ridge, Nineteen Mile Brook
Distance:9.3 miles
Elevation gain:3408 feet
People:Andrew, Jon, Tim

May 10, 2008 : Bonds

Major peaks:Bondcliff, Bond, West Bond
Trails:Lincoln Woods, Wilderness, Bondcliff, West Bond Spur
Distance:22.64 miles
Elevation gain:5550 feet
People:Joel, Lon, Tim

Fast out & back to West Bond. There was still plenty of snow in places but it was all icy or monorail. Snowshoes would not have helped at all.

Mar 30, 2008 : Monadnock

Major peaks:Monadnock

Mar 22, 2008 : Madison

Major peaks:Madison
Trails:Valley Way, Osgood
Distance:8.67 miles
Elevation gain:4244 feet

Very windy and overcast. All other parties turned back at hut. This was another summit done in winter conditions but just outside of actual winter.

Mar 15, 2008 : Willey Range

Major peaks:Field
Trails:Avalon, Willey Range
Distance:6.8 miles
Elevation gain:2576 feet

I turned around just short of the Willey summit due to being solo, having somewhere to be later in the day, and not being able to find the route in the untracked snow.

Feb 24, 2008 : Osceolas

Major peaks:East Osceola, Osceola
Trails:Greely Ponds, Mt. Osceola
Distance:7.6 miles
Elevation gain:3232 feet
People:Lon, Tim

Feb 02, 2008 : Carter Notch Hut

Trails:Nineteen Mile Brook
Distance:7.48 miles
Elevation gain:2144 feet

We hiked with a bunch of other people to Carter Notch Hut, where they were spending the night. Lon and I intended to hike to either Carter Dome or Wildcat, but we got such a late start and the group was so slow that we didn’t have time. We ended up running out to the car to beat the sun.

Jan 27, 2008 : Monroe

Major peaks:Monroe
Trails:Ammonoosuc Ravine, Crawford Path, Mt. Monroe Loop
Distance:7 miles
Elevation gain:3043 feet

Very fast - beat summer book time

Jan 06, 2008 : Monadnock

Major peaks:Monadnock