2007 Hiking Log

This year's distance hiked: 170.59 miles (6.56 miles average)
This year's elevation gained: 63798.00 feet (2453.77 feet average)

Dec 15, 2007 : Chocorua

Major peaks:Chocorua
Trails:Champney Falls, Brook
Distance:7.76 miles
Elevation gain:2392 feet

Dec 02, 2007 : North Pack Monadnock

Major peaks:North Pack Monadnock
Distance:3.2 miles
Elevation gain:950 feet

Nov 18, 2007 : Monadnock

Major peaks:Monadnock

Nov 11, 2007 : Franconia Ridge Loop

Major peaks:Lafayette, Lincoln, Little Haystack
Trails:Old Bridle Path, Greenleaf, Franconia Ridge, Falling Waters
Distance:8.9 miles
Elevation gain:4154 feet

Sep 29, 2007 : Monadnock

Major peaks:Monadnock

Sep 22, 2007 : Katahdin

Major peaks:Pamola, Baxter, Hamlin, Howe
Trails:Helon Taylor, Knife Edge, NW Basin, Howe, Hamlin Ridge, North Basin, Chimney Pond
Distance:12.2 miles
Elevation gain:4800 feet
People:Andrew, Lon, Tim

A great day on Katahdin and hiking the Knife Edge, but unfortunately we spent most of the day in the clouds.

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Sep 02, 2007 : Franconia Ridge Loop

Major peaks:Lafayette, Lincoln, Little Haystack
Trails:Old Bridle Path, Greenleaf, Franconia Ridge, Falling Waters
Distance:8.9 miles
Elevation gain:4154 feet

Aug 25, 2007 : Huntington Ravine

Major peaks:Boott Spur
Trails:Tuckerman Ravine, Huntington Ravine, Alpine Garden, Tuckerman Ravine, Lawn Cutoff, Davis Path, Boott Spur, Tuckerman Ravine
Distance:9.37 miles
Elevation gain:4535 feet

We skipped the summit and went across to Boott Spur to head down. I ran out of water somewhere along that trail which made for a pretty miserable time. We just barely beat a very strong thunderstorm back. It hit just as we were loading up the car at Pinkham Notch.

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Aug 12, 2007 : Kearsarge

Major peaks:Kearsarge
Trails:Lincoln, Rollins
Distance:0.9 miles
Elevation gain:312 feet

Aug 05, 2007 : Mt. Tecumseh

Major peaks:Tecumseh
Trails:Mt. Tecumseh
Distance:6.2 miles
Elevation gain:2545 feet

Jun 24, 2007 : Monadnock

Major peaks:Monadnock

Jun 16, 2007 - Jun 17, 2007 : Bonds

Major peaks:Bondcliff, Bond
Trails:Lincoln Woods, Wilderness, Bondcliff
Distance:20.64 miles
Elevation gain:4860 feet

Lon and I set up camp off the west side of the Bondcliff trail after several crossings of Black Brook, then hiked two of the Bonds. I didn’t have enough energy to go out and back to West Bond. We had a crappy dinner and beers that we’d stashed in the river, and then got a very early start the next morning.

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Jun 10, 2007 : Carters

Major peaks:Carter Dome, Hight, South Carter, Middle Carter
Trails:Nineteen Mile Brook, Carter Dome, Carter-Moriah, North Carter, Imp
Distance:13.52 miles
Elevation gain:4729 feet

I tried to find the shortcut from the Imp Trail through Camp Dodge back to Nineteen Mile Brook, but didn’t go far enough down the trail and ended up just bushwhacking along the stream instead.

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May 21, 2007 : Chocorua

Major peaks:Chocorua
Trails:Champney Falls, Champney Falls Loop, Champney Falls, Piper
Distance:7.76 miles
Elevation gain:2392 feet

Despite some nervousness negotiating the scrambling at the top and having to deal with some snow down below, Sarah did very well on this hike. It was probably a little too long for her to really enjoy, though.

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May 13, 2007 : Sandwich Dome

Major peaks:Jennings Peak, Sandwich Dome, Noon Peak
Trails:Drakes Brook, Sandwich Mountain, Jennings Peak Spur, Sandwich Mountain
Distance:8.7 miles
Elevation gain:3033 feet

May 11, 2007 : Watatic

Major peaks:Watatic
Trails:Wapack, Midstate

Apr 22, 2007 : Clay and Washington

Major peaks:Clay, Washington
Trails:Jewell, Gulfside, Mt. Clay Loop, Gulfside, Crawford Path
Distance:11.4 miles
Elevation gain:4602 feet

Snowshoes and t-shirts. We sat on top of Mt. Clay and watched people ski into the Great Gulf.

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Apr 14, 2007 : Cardigan

Major peaks:Cardigan
Trails:Holt, Cathedral Forest, Clark, West Ridge, Hurricane Gap, Clark, Vistamont, Holt
Distance:5.41 miles
Elevation gain:1885 feet

Apr 08, 2007 : Mt. Jackson

Major peaks:Jackson
Trails:Crawford Path, Mitzpah Cutoff, Webster Cliff, Webster-Jackson
Distance:6.5 miles
Elevation gain:2661 feet

Fallback hike after seeing storms on Washington. Still lots and lots of snow on the ridge.

Mar 31, 2007 : Monadnock

Major peaks:Monadnock
Trails:White Dot
Distance:3.8 miles
Elevation gain:1876 feet

First of two hikes this day. Monadnock without stopping.

Mar 31, 2007 : Pack Monadnock

Major peaks:Pack Monadnock
Trails:Wapack, Marion Davis
Distance:2.8 miles
Elevation gain:900 feet

Second of two hikes this day.

Mar 24, 2007 : Kinsmans

Major peaks:North Kinsman, South Kinsman
Trails:Lonesome Lake, Fishin' Jimmy, Kinsman Ridge
Distance:9.9 miles
Elevation gain:3558 feet

Our first hike in snowshoes, so we made it a long one. This fell just outside of calendar winter, though, so I would have to go pick these peaks up again later for the winter 4k list.

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Mar 11, 2007 : Monadnock

Major peaks:Monadnock

Feb 25, 2007 : Eisenhower and Pierce

Major peaks:Eisenhower, Pierce
Trails:Crawford Path, Mt. Eisenhower Loop, Crawford Path, Webster Cliff, Mitzpah Cutoff
Distance:9.39 miles
Elevation gain:3675 feet

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Feb 11, 2007 : Mt. Liberty

Major peaks:Liberty
Trails:Whitehouse, Liberty Spring, Franconia Ridge
Distance:7.86 miles
Elevation gain:3238 feet

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Jan 27, 2007 : Cannon

Major peaks:Cannon
Trails:Lonesome Lake, Hi-Cannon, Kinsman Ridge
Distance:5.48 miles
Elevation gain:2547 feet

This was our first official winter hike. Lon’s plastic boots gave him trouble the entire day. We did not use snowshoes yet (nor did we own them).

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